• Welcome to Computational Thinking @ Wake!

  • 2nd Annual Computational Thinking @ Wake Workshop, 2013

  • Inaugural Computational Thinking @ Wake Workshop 2012

  • Student Volunteers

  • Prof. Sam Cho, co-organizer

  • Teacher Participants

  • Computational Thinking for Everyone

  • Prof. Paul Pauca, co-organizer

  • Teacher Participants

Post-Workshop Feedback:

"I was very impressed by the well-spoken student volunteers who showed great knowledge, poise, and class. They are the hope for the future."

"Thank you for an awesome workshop and I look forward to working with you in the future!"

"I see many opportunities for incorporating the skills I learned in my classes."

"Learning about the frontiers of computer science gives me the knowledge to tell students what is happening now and how amazing it is."

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