Inaugural High Performance Computing Class at SC17 in Denver, CO (2017)

Left to Right: Alex, Adam, Smiti, Chianti, Sam, Jeffrey, Joseph, and Dean.

The Wake Forest University Dept. of Computer Science (link) participates in the Student Cluster Competition (link) at the Supercomputing Conference series (link). This was made possible through the generous financial support from an anonymous alumni and the Dept. of Computer Science who approved a brand new High Performance Computing class taught by Prof. Cho (link) for this competition. In the 2017-2018 academic year, the inaugural class consisted of IS HPC Team Adam Carlson and Cody Stevens (link) co-taught the course, and pioneering computer science undergraduate students (Dean Beckford, Joseph Chen, Mitch Eisenstat, Zach Green, Jeffrey Jiang, Smiti Kaul, Paul Kefer, Alex Liu, Mudit Singhania, Matteo Spighi, Chianti Yan, and Vera Zhang). This team was first selected to participate in the SC18 Student Cluster Competition (link) in Dallas, TX, and it is the first school from the state of North Carolina to do so.