CSC 101 Lab – Overview of Computer Science
(Lab Sections A, B, C, and E)
(For information on lab section D, see Prof Kell)
(as of September, 2011)

Course Description: (4h) Lecture and laboratory. Introduction to the organization and use of computers. Topics include computer architecture, systems, theory, logic, programming, the Internet, multimedia, and ethical, legal, and social issues. Does not count toward the computer science major or minor. Division V divisional credit.

Course Objectives:
Teaching Assistants: (tentative assignments as of September 1, 2011)

Office Hours:
The website will maintain up-to-date listing of hours.

Please check the website frequently for updates concerning the lab. This site is the primary source of pre-lab and lab materials.

Textbook: No separate textbook required for lab. All needed documents will be made available online at the lab website.

Because of space limitations, please do not switch between lab sessions.

Lab attendance should be considered mandatory. Please contact your lab professor as early as possible, ideally by the day before the lab, if you anticipate missing the lab. Students with scheduled excused absences should submit their letters from the appropriate department indicating as such to the faculty during the first week of class.

Academic Integrity:

All work should be done independently by each student. Copying of partial or complete work will be referred to the University Judicial System. You should keep evidence when possible to demonstrate your own work. Should a question of authorship arise you will be expected to produce documents that trace the development of your work. Algorithmic and electronic means of detecting copying may be used by the instructor on submitted assignments.

Assignments in Computer Science courses may be specified as “pledged work” assignments by the professor of the course. When an assignment is specified as “pledged work”, the only aid that the student may seek is from either the course professor or an assistant that the professor has explicitly specified. On “pledged work” assignments the student may not use the services of a tutor or interact with colleagues outside of the lab.

Learning Assistance:

If you have a disability that may require an accommodation for taking this course, please contact the Learning Assistance Center (758-5929) within the first two weeks of the semester.

About the Labs:
All labs except the first require completion of pre-lab reading and exercises to facilitate the lab process. These materials will be labeled as pre-lab on the website and should be downloaded and printed out. The pre-lab materials are due at the beginning of each lab session.

You should also download and print out the in-lab materials before the lab period. A lab manual whose intent is to guide you through the lab and to ask you questions as you progress through the lab period, will be posted each week.   A completed lab report is required to be submitted on paper.   Occasionally, other files, such as image or sound files, meant to help you through the lab will be posted online. Similarly, you will occasionally be asked to upload files you have created into Sakai to be graded.

Please discuss with the instructors or TAs your lab progress before you leave the lab room.

There will be periodic lab quizzes, covering the key concepts from the recent labs.

It is a policy of this course that, regardless of the percentage contribution to the overall CSC 101 grade, you must earn a passing grade (60%) in the lab to receive an overall passing grade for CSC 101.

The lab grade you receive counts for 20% of the overall CSC 101 grade.   This will be broken down:
25% Quizzes
75% Labs.   The lab grades will be a combination of the pre-lab work as well as the in-lab work and lab report.

You will be asked to submit pre-labs in folders at the front of the lab room at the start of the lab. You will be asked to submit final lab reports in a set of folders in the Computer Science main office (Manchester 233) by 5:00pm the day after your lab. No late labs will be accepted, and pre-labs will not be accepted outside of the lab period.

All labs will require submitting a lab report, as described above, and many will require uploading files to be reviewed. Forgetting to upload a file is considered the same as leaving that component of the lab incomplete.

We plan to have labs graded by the start of the next lab period. Your grade can be found on Sakai and you will receive the original paper version of your lab back. You should verify the correctness of your lab grades and that you have received a lab grade weekly (unfortunately, we do make typos or enter data in the wrong spot on occasion, and you are in charge of the hard copy document once it has been returned!)

Thinkpad Problems:
If your Thinkpad is being repaired at Information Systems, you should still be able to do the lab through the use of a loaner laptop. Please contact the instructor well before the lab if you anticipate not having your original or any Thinkpad with you.

University Closure:
In the event that the University closes due to a health pandemic or other emergency, you will be provided with the lab professor’s home address, phone number, and a CSC 101 Lab Plan document. If the Internet is available, lab sections will continue through the use of on-line chat, email, posted videos, the course-website, Sakai, and the campus VPN (to access licensed (keyed) software). If the Internet is unavailable, the labs will be modified so that they do not required licensed (keyed) software. Correspondence and lab materials will be sent out by postal mail weekly or bi-weekly and the completed lab quizzes and lab reports should be returned by mailing them to the appropriate address. Any required files should be burned on a CD and included with the lab report document in your mail.