Recent years have seen a surge of interest in combining logic with probabilities. The first two international workshops on “Statistical Relational AI” (StaRAI-10 and StaRAI-12) were again highly successful. One of the interesting take-away messages is that many researchers are excited by the prospect of applying lifted inference and SRL methods to general AI tasks. There is, for example, evidence that exploiting shared factors within message-passing algorithms can greatly speed up probabilistic relational inference but also SAT-like problems. Motivated by this, we are organizing the

3rd Statistical Relational AI (StaRAI-13) workshop at AAAI '13

One of the goals of the workshop is to form a common core of problems and ideas across all the different AI subfields such as knowledge representation, vision, planning, SAT etc. So far, researchers combining logic and probability in each of these subfields have been working mostly independently. We believe the current situation actually provides us with an opportunity for attempts at synthesis, forming a common core of problems and ideas, and cross-pollinating across subareas. We would like to explore the minimal perturbations required for each of the AI subfields to start using statistical relational (SR) techniques.

We seek to invite researchers in all subfields of AI to attend the workshop and to explore together how to reach the goals imagined by the early AI pioneers.


Update!!!!!!!!!! Dan Suciu's talk slides can be found here

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