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  4Dwm (1X) - The IRIS Extended Motif Window Manager.


  a2p (1) - Awk to Perl translator
  abicc (1) - ABI C compiler
  ABIinfo (1) - query information about MIPS ABI systems
  abild (1) - ABI link editor
  accept, reject (1M) - allow or prevent LP requests
  accessworkstation (1) - open a remote toolchest or iconview
  accessx (1) - GUI to set keyboard features and focus policy for movement- impaired users
  acct: acctdisk, acctdusg, accton, acctwtmp closewtmp, utmp2wtmp (1M) - overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands
  acctcms (1M) - command summary from per-process accounting records
  acctcom (1) - search and print process accounting file(s)
  acctcon, acctcon1, acctcon2 (1M) - connect-time accounting
  acctcvt (1) - convert accounting data to a different format
  acctmerg (1M) - merge or add total accounting files
  acctprc, acctprc1, acctprc2 (1M) - process accounting
  acctsh: chargefee, ckpacct, lastlogin, monacct, nulladm, prctmp, prdaily, prtacct, shutacct, startup, turnacct (1M) - shell procedures for accounting
  acroread (1) - Adobe Acrobat Reader
  Add_disk (1) - add an optional disk to the system
  addclient (1M) - allow remote printing clients to connect
  adddefpriv (1M) - add a default system administration privilege to the system
  addexportsentry (1M) - add an entry into /etc/exports file.
  addfstabentry (1M) - add a filesystem entry into the /etc/fstab file.
  addhost (1M) - add and modify an entry in the host file.
  addLocalFileSwap (1M) - adds swap space from a local filesystem
  addModem (1M) - add a modem to the system
  addpppin (1M) - add a PPP incoming entry.
  addpppout (1M) - add a PPP outgoing entry.
  addpriv (1M) - add a privilege to the system administration privilege database
  addprivuser (1M) - give a user all system administration privileges
  addSerialDevice (1M) - add a serial device to the system
  addUserAccount (1M) - add a user account to the system
  addVirtualSwap (1M) - adds virtual swap space
  addzone (1M) - add a zone to a specific interface
  admin (1) - create and administer SCCS files
  aifc2aiff (1) - convert an AIFF-C file to an AIFF file
  aifccompress (1) - compress the audio data in an AIFF-C file
  aifcdecompress (1) - decompress the audio data in an AIFF-C file
  aifcinfo (1) - describes contents of AIFF-C or AIFF file
  aifcresample (1) - perform sampling rate conversion on an AIFF-C file
  aiff2aifc (1) - convert an AIFF file to an AIFF-C file
  ainfo (1) - display array information
  akill (1) - terminate a process or array session
  alias (1) - define or display aliases
  alpq (1) - query the alp STREAMS module
  amconfig (1m) - check or modify availmon configuration values
  amnotify (1M) - email availability and diagnosis reports
  amparse (1M) - extract information from an availmon report
  amreceive (1M) - convert received availmon email reports
  amregister (1M) - register or deregister the system
  amreport (1M) - produce statistical and event reports from availmon logfile
  amsend (1M) - mail availmon reports
  amsysinfo (1M) - print system serial number or full hostname/address
  amsyslog (1M) - parse system log files and print critical messages
  amtickerd (1M) - system uptime monitor daemon
  amtime1970 (1M) - print or convert time as seconds since Jan 1, 1970
  ansitape (1) - ANSI standard tape handler
  appdefpath (1) - supplies a server-specific path for application resource defaults
  appletviewer, jar, java, javac, javadoc, javah, javakey, javap, jdb (1) - Java Execution and Development Environments
  apply (1) - apply a command to a set of arguments
  appres (1) - list X application resource database
  apropos (1) - locate commands by keyword lookup
  ar (1) - Archive and library maintainer
  aremex (1m) - array serivces remote execution monitor
  arp (1M) - address resolution display and control
  array (1) - execute an array command
  arrayconfig (1m) - configure a simple array
  arrayd (1m) - array services daemon
  arshell (1) - remote shell for arrays
  as (1) - SGI MIPSpro assembler
  asa (1) - Interprets ASA carriage control characters
  ascheck (1) - validate the array services configuration
  askRestartFm (1) - utility for restarting the IRIX Interactive Desktop
  asn1parse (1) - ASN.1 parsing tool
  assign (1) - Assigns options for library file open processing
  at, batch (1) - execute commands at a later time
  atconfig (1M) - enable AppleTalk on an interface
  atinfo (1) - print the AppleTalk information for each interface
  atinit (1M) - halt, start, or restart AppleTalk services
  atlic (1) - Xinet license information
  atmarp (1M) - display or manage IP address to virtual circuit mappings for TCP/IP over ATM.
  atmconfig (1M) - configure SGI OC-3c ATM port.
  atmilmid (1M) - SNMP agent supporting ATM Forum's ILMI MIBs
  atmsigd (1M) - signalling daemon for ATM switched virtual circuits
  atmstat (1M) - display status information for SGI ATM OC-3c port.
  atmtest (1M) - simple transmit and receive tests for ATM.
  atping (1M) - ping an AppleTalk node
  atservers (1) - print AppleTalk services
  atstat (1) - dump the AppleTalk tables and statistics
  attr (1) - manipulate Extended Attributes on filesystem objects
  attrinit (1M) - Set file attributes
  audio (1) - Introduction to audio facilities
  audiopanel (1) - control panel for Audio Hardware: input and output levels, rates, sources and syncs
  audiostate (1) - simple audio hardware state display tool
  audit (1M) - system audit trail startup and shutdown script
  autoconfig (1M) - configure kernel
  autofs (1M) - install automatic mount points
  autofsd (1M) - autoFS mount/unmount daemon
  autofsd-probe (1) - probe AutoFS mount/unmount daemon
  automount (1M) - automatically mount NFS filesystems
  autopush (1M) - configure lists of automatically pushed STREAMS modules
  avcapture (1) - capture and synchronization tool for uncompressed video and audio
  aview, ArrayView (1) - array status monitor for the X Window System
  avplayback (1) - playback uncompressed video and audio in synchronization
  awf (1) - amazingly workable (text) formatter
  awk, nawk, pawk (1) - pattern scanning and processing language


  background (1) - customization panel for setting background pattern
  Backup (1) - backup the specified file or directory
  backup (1M) - backup files and directories now, later, or recurring
  BackupAndRestoreManager (1M) - Shedule or Unschedule Backups, Restore Files
  banner (1) - make posters
  basename, dirname (1) - deliver portions of pathnames
  bc (1) - An arbitrary precision calculator language
  bdftopcf (1) - convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
  bdiff (1) - big diff
  bfs (1) - big file scanner
  bg (1) - run jobs in the background
  bgicons (1) - maintain icons on the desktop background
  bindkey (1) - function key binding facility for use with xwsh(1G)
  bison (1) - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
  bitmap, bmtoa, atobm (1) - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
  booksAdmin (1) - update infosearch book index and tables of contents
  bootp (1M) - server for Internet Bootstrap Protocol
  bootpadd (1M) - add client system to bootptab
  bootparamd (1M) - boot parameter server
  brc, bcheckrc (1M) - system initialization procedures
  bru (1) - backup and restore utility
  bsdinst (1) - install, using BSD-style arguments
  bsh, jsh (1) - shell, the standard/job control command programming language
  bstream (1) - many buffered filter
  bufview (1) - file system buffer cache activity monitor
  build_cmgr_script (1M) - Builds cmgr script from cluster database.
  buildppd (1M) - build a PPD file for a printer


  c2ph, pstruct (1) - Dump C structures as generated from cc -g -S stabs
  c2ph, pstruct (1) - Dump C structures as generated from cc -g -S stabs
  ca (1) - sample minimal CA application (1) - friendlier interface for OpenSSL certificate programs
  cached (1M) - monitor single bit secondary cache errors.
  cal (1) - print calendar
  calendar (1) - reminder service
  canonhost (1M) - canonicalize hostnames
  capitem (1) - look up an item in a printcap entry
  captoinfo (1M) - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description
  capture (1) - record movies, images, or sounds
  cat (1) - concatenate and print files
  caterr (1) - processes message text files
  cb (1) - C program beautifier
  cbeutil (1m) - CDB back-end database utility tool
  cc, c89, c99, CC (1) - Invokes the MIPS C, MIPSpro C, or MIPSpro C++ compiler
  cd (1) - change working directory
  cdbBackup (1m) - Cluster configuration database backup command
  cdbRestore (1m) - Cluster configuration database restore command
  cdbutil (1m) - Cluster configuration database utility tool
  cdc (1) - change the delta commentary of an SCCS delta
  cddbcvt (1) - convert old (cdplayer) format CD database to new format
  cdheadphone (1) - play audio CDs on a CD-ROM drive
  cdplayer, cdman, datplayer (1) - play and capture audio CDs and DAT tapes
  cflow (1) - generate C flowgraph
  cfsadmin (1M) - administer disk space used for caching file systems with the Cache File-System (CacheFS)
  cfsstat (1M) - display Network File System statistics
  chacl (1) - change the access control list of a file or directory
  chcap (1) - change file capability sets
  check (1) - check RCS status of a file
  check_abi_compliance (1) - check ABI compliance of an object file
  check_abi_interface (1) - check ABI compliance of a library interface
  check_for_syscalls (1) - check for embedded syscalls in an object file
  checkPassword (1M) - confirm a user password
  checkpriv (1M) - check to see if the current user is privileged
  chkconfig (1M) - configuration state checker
  chkimprlicense (1) - check if an Impressario license is available for psrip(1)
  chkutent (1M) - check and repair utmp entries
  chlabel (1) - change the label of a file
  chmod (1) - change the permissions mode of a file or directory
  chown, chgrp (1) - change owner or group
  chroot (1M) - change root directory for a command
  chrtbl (1M) - generate character classification and conversion tables
  ci (1) - check in RCS revisions
  cidfontview (1) - Display PostScript CID font viewer
  cidxfonts (1) - build X style font directory for CID-keyed fonts
  ciphers (1) - SSL cipher display and cipher list tool.
  cksum (1) - display file checksums and block counts
  cl_init (1M) - init program for diskless software installation
  cleanCache (1) - remove stale desktop type or layout cache entries
  cleanpowerdown (1M) - control the power-down behavior of Onyx/Challenge L/XL systems
  clear (1) - clear terminal screen
  clogin (1) - login on the graphics console
  clri (1M) - clear EFS inode
  clshm_diag (1M) - obsolete diagnostic tool for CrayLink Shared Memory
  clshmctl (1M) - obsolete administration tool for CrayLink Shared Memory
  clshmd (1M) - obsolete daemon for inter-partition shared-memory communication over CrayLink
  cluster_mgr, cmgr (1m) - SGI FailSafe Cluster Manager Command-Line Interface
  cluster_status (1M) - Obtain configuration and status information of highly available objects.
  cmond (1m) - Cluster Monitor daemon
  cmp (1) - compare two files
  cmp_flash (1G) - Update compositor firmware
  cms_failconf (1m) - CXFS cluster node failure configuration
  cmssgi2jpg (1) - reformat SGI image file as JPEG file, maintains profile tag
  cmstag (1) - associate an ICC device profile with one or more image files
  cmstaggif (1) - associate an ICC device profile with a GIF image
  cmstagjpeg (1) - associate an ICC device profile with a JPEG image file
  cmstagsgi (1) - associate an ICC device profile with an SGI image
  cmstagstiff (1) - associate an ICC device profile with a STIFF image
  cmstif2jpg (1) - reformat TIFF image file as JPEG file, maintains profile tag
  co (1) - check out RCS revisions
  cocogif (1) - color correct a GIF image file
  cocojpeg (1) - color correct a JPEG/JFIF image file
  cocostiff (1) - color correct a TIFF stream
  col (1) - filter reverse line-feeds
  collide (1) - Look for name collisions between libraries
  colltbl (1M) - create collation database
  colorview (1) - display list of X11 colors and show selected color
  comb (1) - combine SCCS deltas
  comm (1) - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
  command (1) - execute a simple command
  compress, uncompress, zcat (1) - compress and expand data
  compview (1) - tool for viewing results of compression
  concerta (1) - Sine Wave Generator Tool
  confidence (1M) - Desktop Confidence Tests
  configAutoLogin (1M) - enable or disable auto login
  configdefaultroute (1M) - add or delete a default route
  configec0state (1M) - activate or deactivate the primary interface
  configipforwardstate (1M) - turn IP forwarding on or off
  configkfs (1M) - configuration program for AppleShare Client
  configks (1M) - configuration program for K-Spool
  configmail (1M) - sendmail autoconfiguration script
  configmon (1M) - IRIX system configuration utility
  configNetIf (1M) - configure the network interfaces
  configResolver (1M) - updates the host resolution order.
  confirmjob (1) - ask quesion via The X Window System
  conv_alias (1) - convert MediaMail aliases to Netscape Address Book
  conv_nspref (1) - convert older Netscape preferences file to new 4.0X preference file
  ConvertLayout (1) - convert old desktop layout files to new format
  cord (1) - Rearranges procedures in an executable object
  cosmocreate (1) - WYSIWYG HTML authoring tool
  cosmoplayer (1) - Netscape Plugin to view VRML files
  covici (1) - Edit administrative databases under revision control.
  cp, ln, mv (1) - copy, link or move files
  cpio (1) - copy file archives in and out
  cpp (1) - C language preprocessor
  cpr (1) - checkpoint and restart processes; info query; delete statefiles cview - graphical user interface for checkpoint and restart (CPR)
  cpumeter (1M) - control the CPU activity meter on the Onyx/Challenge L/XL LCD panel
  cpuset, miser_cpuset (1) - define and manage a set of CPUs
  crl (1) - CRL utility
  crl2pkcs7 (1) - Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates.
  cron (1M) - clock daemon
  crontab (1) - user crontab file
  crsd (1m) - cluster remote system-controller daemon.
  crypt (1) - encode/decode
  csa (1M) - overview of Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA)
  csaaddc (1M) - combines cacct records
  csabuild (1M) - organizes accounting records into job records
  csachargefee (1M) - charges a fee to a user
  csackpacct (1M) - checks the size of the process accounting file
  csacms (1M) - summarizes command usage from per-process accounting records
  csacom (1) - searches and prints the Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA) process accounting files
  csacon (1M) - condenses records from the sorted pacct file
  csacrep (1M) - reports on consolidated accounting data
  csadrep (1M) - reports daemon usage
  csaedit (1M) - displays and edits the accounting information
  csagetconfig (1M) - searches the accounting configuration file for the specified argument
  csajrep (1M) - prints a job report from the sorted pacct file
  csaperiod (1M) - runs periodic accounting
  csarecy (1M) - recycles unfinished job records into next accounting run
  csarun (1M) - processes the daily accounting files and generates reports
  csaswitch (1M) - checks the status of, enables or disables the different types of Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA), and switches accounting files for maintainability
  csaverify (1M) - verifies that the accounting records are valid
  csh (1) - shell command interpreter with a C-like syntax
  csplit (1) - context split
  ctags (1) - create a tags file
  ctrace (1) - C program debugger
  cu (1C) - call another UNIX system
  cut (1) - cut out selected fields of each line of a file
  cv_gl_controller (1) - Invokes the service program for the GLdebug tool.
  cvbuild (1) - Starts the WorkShop Build Analyzer
  cvcat (1) - Copies standard in to named file
  cvconfig (1) - Invokes the WorkShop Configuration Manager
  cvconnect (1) - Invokes the WorkShop Debugger Connection Helper
  cvcord (1) - Invokes the Cord Analyzer that examines working-set behavior and generates cord feedback files
  cvcov (1) - The WorkShop Test Coverage Tool
  cvd (1) - Invokes the WorkShop Debugger
  cvdump (1) - Displays summary information about a core dump
  cvhang (1) - Creates a process in a hung state
  cvinstr (1) - Measures code execution frequency by calling pixie(1)
  cvmake (1) - Invokes the program building and recompilation tool
  cvmeter (1) - Examines process resource consumption data
  cvpav (1) - Displays information about a multiprocessing program higher analysis files
  cvpcs (1) - Invokes the WorkShop Debugger Server
  cvpcsd (1) - Connects to WorkShop Debugger Server Daemon
  cvperf (1) - WorkShop Performance view
  cvspeed (1) - The suite of WorkShop Performance Tools
  cvstatic (1) - Invokes the WorkShop Static Analyzer
  cvusage (1) - Runs a command, and print out the resources it used
  cvxcov (1) - The WorkShop Test Coverage Tool
  cvxhang (1) - Creates a process in a hung state and inform requester's window
  cxfs_client (1m) - CXFS client daemon
  cxfs_info (1m) - display configuration and state of CXFS
  cxfsdump (1m) - CXFS configuration gathering tool
  cxfsmgr, cxtask, cxdetail (1) - CXFS Manager GUI
  cxref (1) - generate C program cross-reference


  date (1) - write and set the date and time
  datman (1) - play and record audio tapes in DAT drive datman -cd - play audio CD in CD-ROM drive through audio hardware
  dbx (1) - Provides source-level debugging
  dbxhang (1) - Creates a process in a hung state
  dc (1) - an arbitrary precision calculator
  dd (1M) - convert and copy a file
  ddopt (1) - MIPS Data-Dependency-based Optimizer
  deletehost (1M) - delete an entry from the host file.
  deleteModem (1M) - delete a modem from the system
  deleteSerialDevice (1M) - deletes a serial device from the system
  deleteUserAccount (1M) - delete a user account from the system
  delta (1) - make a delta (change) to an SCCS file
  deroff (1) - remove nroff, troff, tbl and eqn constructs
  designjet (1) - HP DesignJet printer/plotter driver
  deskjet (1) - HP DeskJet/PaintJet parallel printer driver
  deskjetII (1) - driver for HP DeskJet InkJet printers
  desktop (1) - customization panel for setting Desktop resources
  desktophelp (1) - IRIX Interactive Desktop(TM) Help System Subprogram
  devcfg (1M) - general purpose driver configuration utility
  devnm (1M) - device name
  df (1) - report number of free disk blocks
  dgld (1M) - Graphics Library server
  dgst, md5, md4, md2, sha1, sha, mdc2, ripemd160 (1) - message digests
  dhcp_bootp (1M) - proclaim server for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  dhcp_relay (1M) - proclaim relay-agent for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  dhcpdb (1M) - DHCP database manager
  dhparam (1) - DH parameter manipulation and generation
  diagnostics (1) - Perl compiler pragma to force verbose warning diagnostics
  diagsetup (1M) - control the contents of the diag user's running of cached and onlinediag
  diff (1) - differential file and directory comparator
  diff3 (1) - 3-way differential file comparison
  dircmp (1) - directory comparison
  dirview (1X) - an interactive interface to the contents of a directory or URL
  dis (1) - Disassemble an object file
  disableXhost (1) - utility for disabling remote access to local display
  diskalign (1) - XLV Aligned Disk Striping Utility
  DiskManager (1M) - view and manager fixed disks
  diskpatch (1M) - prevent stiction problems with some disk drives
  diskperf (1) - Disk Performance Testing Utility
  diskprep (1) - Disk Preparation Utility
  diskusg (1M) - generate disk accounting data by user ID
  distcp (1M) - copy or compare software distributions
  ditherstiff (1) - dither (halftone) an 8 bit stream TIFF file using error diffusion dither
  divo_ee (1) - DIVO Video end-to-end program
  divo_memtovid (1) - DIVO Video output program
  divo_vidtomem (1) - DIVO Video capture program
  divohinv (1) - DIVO Video hardware inventory list
  divotest (1) - DIVO-DVC Diagnostics
  dkprobe (1) - probe all configured disks
  dkstat (1) - report disk I/O statistics
  dlook (1) - a tool for showing memory and process placement
  dmconf (1G) - Create, and load video format combinations for DM5 and Vpro Graphics
  dmconvert (1) - digital media file conversion utility
  dminfo (1) - display information about digital media files
  dmplay (1) - digital media file player utility
  dmrecord (1) - digital media hard-disk recording utility
  dodisk (1M) - performs disk accounting
  domainname (1) - set or display name of current NIS domain
  dplace (1) - a NUMA memory placement tool
  dprof (1) - a memory access profiling tool
  dps (1) - Display PostScript imaging for the X Window System
  dpsclock (1) - analog / digital clock using DPS
  drop (1) - a 3d skill game
  dsa (1) - DSA key processing
  dsaparam (1) - DSA parameter manipulation and generation
  dtl2sgft (1) - Online Documentation Administration Utility for InfoSearch
  dtrebuild (1M) - ``desktop'' maintenance of AppleShare volumes
  dtshutdown (1M) - Notify desktop and shutdown the system
  dtSounds (1) - customization panel for controlling desktop & system sounds
  dtUtilities (1) - customization panel for choosing viewers & editors
  du (1M) - summarize disk usage
  dump, rdump (1M) - incremental filesystem backup for EFS filesystems
  dvhtool (1M) - modify and obtain disk volume header information
  dwarfdump (1) - Dumps DWARF debug information of an ELF object


  ecadmin (1) - configure and control the global event counters
  ecfind (1) - report processes using process-based event counters
  echo (1) - echo arguments
  ecstats (1) - report global event counter activity
  ed, red (1) - text editor
  edit (1) - text editor (variant of ex for casual users)
  editres (1) - a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications
  edquota (1M) - edit user or project quotas
  egcmd (1M) - gigabit ethernet diagnostic tool
  egconfig (1M) - configure gigabit ethernet interfaces
  egrep (1) - search a file for a pattern using full regular expressions
  eject (1) - eject a removable media device
  elfdump (1) - Dumps selected parts of a 32-bit or a 64-bit ELF object file/archive and displays them in ELF style
  enable, disable (1) - enable/disable LP printers
  enc (1) - symmetric cipher routines
  endsession (1) - terminates a login session
  enterlicense (1M) - graphical application for managing NetLS nodelocked licenses.
  env, printenv (1) - set environment for command execution, print environment
  epd (1M) - AppleTalk Echo Protocol daemon
  epfirm (1M) - maintain E-Plex 8-port Ethernet Firmware
  epsonESCP2 (1) - Epson Color Stylus printer driver
  esparchive (1) - archiving utility for Embedded Support Partner
  espconfig is a utility provided for the configuration ESP from the command line. This utility bypasses the webserver and directly interacts with the ESP database. (1) - (no summary available)
  esplogger (1) - System Support logger
  esplognote (1) - add a note to the ESP log from the command line
  espnotify (1) - a generic command line notification utility for SGI Embedded Support Partner
  espquery (1) - Database query for Embedded Support Partner
  espreport (1) - is a utility provided for viewing various reports from ESP on the command line. This utility bypasses the webserver and directly interacts with the ESP database.
  eventmond (1M) - system event monitoring daemon
  eventView, evpp, evanalyzer, evhist, evgraph, evmerge (1pf) - OpenGL Performer real-time event generator/viewer.
  ex (1) - text editor
  execisdnd (1M) - run ISDN daemon.
  execppp (1M) - Start a PPP call.
  expand (1) - convert tabs to spaces
  expect (1) - programmed dialogue with interactive programs, Version 5
  Expectk (1) - Expect with Tk support
  explain (1) - displays the explanation for an error message
  exportfs (1M) - export and unexport directories to NFS clients
  expr (1) - evaluate arguments as an expression
  exstr (1) - extract strings from source files
  extcentry (1) - Extract FORTRAN-callable entry points from a C file
  EZsetup (1M) - login for basic system setup and user environment configuration


  f2p (1) - translates fig output into pic language
  f2ps (1) - Fig to Postscript translator
  f77, fort77 (1) - Invokes the MIPSpro FORTRAN 77 compiler
  f90 (1) - Invokes the MIPSpro Fortran 90 compiler
  factor (1) - obtain the prime factors of a number
  fam (1M) - file alteration monitor
  fbdump (1) - Writes compiler feedback files from prof(1)
  fc (1) - process the command history list
  fcagent (1m) - FibreVault Status/Configuration daemon
  fccli (1m) - FibreVault Status/Configuration Command Line Interface
  fdcp (1) - Copies data while preserving record blocking
  fdetach (1M) - detach a name from a STREAMS-based file descriptor
  fftr (1) - IRIX Interactive Desktop optimized file-type rules compiler
  fg (1) - run jobs in the foreground
  fgrep (1) - search a file for a character string
  file (1) - determine file type
  filebuf (1) - Buffer for file I/O
  FilesystemManager (1M) - view and manage filesystems
  filetype, fileopen, filealtopen, wstype (1) - determine filetype of specified file or files
  filterps (1) - Adobe Systems conversion utility for PostScript language documents with invalid DSC comments.
  find (1) - find files
  findanicon (1X) - find an icon on the system (File QuickFind)
  findblk (1M) - find filesystem block
  findvis (1G) - list OpenGL-capable Visuals meeting selection criteria
  finger (1) - user information lookup program
  fingerd (1M) - remote user information server
  fix_nsmailfdir (1) - fix incorrect mail folder names in $HOME/nsmail
  flash (1M) - reprogram the flash PROM hardware on Origin and OCTANE machines
  flashalldivo (1) - update DIVO Video boards' software
  flashdivo (1) - update a DIVO Video board's software
  flashio (1M) - reprogram the flash PROM hardware on Everest-based machines
  flashmmsc (1M) - reprogram the MMSC on Origin2000 systems
  flex (1) - fast lexical analyzer generator
  FLtoPopDB (1) - Converts filenames to serialized DNA.
  flushCache (1) - remove all desktop type or layout cache entries
  fm, iconview (1) - graphical interface to file systems and URLs (IRIX Interactive Desktop)
  fmprefs (1X) - customization panel for directory view preferences
  fmserv (1) - desktop helper service
  fmt (1) - simple text formatter
  fmtmsg (1) - display a message on stderr or system console
  fold (1) - fold long lines for finite width output device
  fontview (1) - Display PostScript font viewer
  formatRMedia (1M) - Formats removable media
  fpck (1M) - check and repair either FAT (MSDOS) or HFS (MACINTOSH) filesystems
  fpmode (1) - run a command in specified floating point and/or memory mode
  fru (1M) - Field replacement unit analyzer for Challenge/Onyx systems
  fs2d (1m) - Cluster configuration database daemon
  fsck (1M) - check and repair filesystems for EFS
  fsdb (1M) - filesystem debugger for EFS
  fsdump (1M) - file system dumper for rfindd for EFS and XFS
  fserv (1X) - provide file service for Desktop file transfers
  fsinfo (1) - X font server information utility
  fslsfonts (1) - list fonts served by X font server
  fsplit (1) - split FORTRAN or RATFOR files
  fsr (1M) - filesystem reorganizer
  fsr_efs (1M) - filesystem reorganizer for EFS
  fsr_xfs (1M) - filesystem reorganizer for XFS
  fsstat (1M) - report filesystem status
  fstobdf (1) - generate BDF font from X font server
  fstyp (1M) - determine filesystem identifier
  ftimer (1) - report realtime itimer status
  ftnchop (1) - Invokes the program unit problem isolator
  ftnlint (1) - Checks Fortran programs for possible errors
  ftnlist (1) - Provides a detailed Fortran program listing
  ftnmgen (1) - Invokes the Fortran makefile generator
  ftnsplit (1) - Invokes the Fortran file splitter
  ftp (1C) - Internet file transfer program
  ftpd (1M) - Internet File Transfer Protocol server
  ftr2mime (1) - utility to generate mailcap and mime.type files from ftrs
  fuser (1M) - identify processes using a file or file structure
  fwtmp, wtmpfix (1M) - manipulate connect accounting records
  fx (1M) - disk utility


  gated (1M) - gateway routing daemon
  gateway (1) - Internet Gateway administration tool
  gclear (1G) - clear IRIS graphics screen
  gencat (1) - generate a formatted message catalogue
  genDeviceIcons (1) - generates serialized DNA for devices
  gendist (1M) - generate a software distribution
  gendsa (1) - generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters
  genlimits (1M) - creates the user limits data base
  genperm (1M) - generate /etc/uucp/Permissions
  genppdtemplate (1) - Extract PPD strings as X11 resources
  genrsa (1) - generate an RSA private key
  get (1) - get a version of an SCCS file
  getabi (1) - determine which ABI to use
  getallpppinisdn (1M) - get all PPP incoming ISDN entries
  getallpppinmodem (1M) - get all PPP incoming modem entries
  getallpppoutisdn (1M) - get all PPP outgoing ISDN entries
  getallpppoutmodem (1M) - get all PPP outgoing modem entries
  getconf (1) - get configuration variables (XPG4)
  getDiskInfo (1M) - lists information about fixed disks
  getDiskParts (1M) - gets a disk's partition information
  getExportList (1M) - get list of nfs exported directories from a remote system
  getipforwarding (1M) - get ipforwarding state using systune
  getjavafrompref (1M) - get the state of Java or JavaScript
  getopt (1) - parse command options
  getopts, getoptcvt (1) - parse command options
  getsomeaccounts (1M) - get the user accounts that have no password or get active accounts
  gettxt (1) - retrieve a text string from a message database
  getty (1M) - set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline
  geturl (1) - SGIHelp help system subprogram
  getzones (1) - print AppleTalk zones
  gfxinfo (1G) - display graphics subsystems information
  gfxinit (1G) - initialize all graphics subsystems
  gfxtogfx (1) - Sirius Video Graphics source to Graphics drain tool.
  gfxtopology (1G) - graphics topology information
  gfxtovid (1) - Sirius Video Graphics source to Video drain tool.
  gfxvidkeytovid (1) - Sirius video and graphics chroma keyed to video drain
  gfxvidtovid (1) - Sirius Video & Graphics source Blended to Video drain tool.
  ggd (1M) - rate-guarantee-granting daemon
  gif2stiff (1) - convert a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image file to Stream TIFF (STIFF)
  gifconfig (1M) - configure generic IP tunnel
  gldebug (1) - debug utility for GL programs
  glp, printpanel (1) - graphical lp printing command
  glxinfo (1G) - display info about a GLX extension and OpenGL renderer
  gmemusage (1) - graphical memory usage viewer
  gpsinterface (1) - Generic PostScript model for System V spooling.
  gr_nstats (1) - NUMA Memory Management Statistics
  gr_osview (1) - graphical system monitor
  gr_sn (1) - NUMA Memory Management Configuration Tool
  gr_top (1) - display processes having highest CPU usage in a window
  grelnotes (1) - graphical on-line release notes viewer
  grep (1) - search a file for a pattern
  grio (1M) - display GRIO reservation information
  grio_bandwidth (1M) - determines guaranteed-rate I/O device bandwidth
  groups (1) - show group memberships
  growfs (1M) - expand a filesystem
  grpck (1M) - group file checker
  gscan (1) - graphical scanning command
  gview (1) - graph viewer for Inventor 3d databases
  gzcmp, gzdiff (1) - compare compressed files
  gzexe (1) - compress executable files in place
  gzforce (1) - force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files
  gzgrep (1) - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
  gzip, gunzip, gzcat (1) - compress or expand files
  gzmore (1) - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
  gznew (1) - recompress .Z files to .gz files


  h2ph (1) - convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files
  h2xs (1) - convert .h C header files to Perl extensions
  ha_cilog (1m) - Cluster logging command
  ha_cmsd (1m) - Cluster membership services daemon.
  ha_exec2 (1M) - execute a command in an SGI FailSafe high-availability cluster node
  ha_gcd (1m) - group communication daemon
  ha_ifd (1m) - interfaces/ip addresses monitoring agent
  ha_ifdadmin (1m) - network interface administration command
  ha_macconfig2 (1M) - modify/display MAC addresses
  ha_srmd (1m) - HA system resource manager daemon
  hafence (1m) - CXFS cluster I/O fencing administration
  halt (1M) - halt the system
  hash (1) - remember or report utility locations
  haStatus (1M) - Obtain configuration and status information of High- availability objects.
  haven (1G) - use a GL program as the screen saver
  head (1) - give first few lines
  help (1) - ask for help about SCCS error messages and commands
  hinv (1M) - hardware inventory command
  hipprobe (1) - probe configured HIPPI interfaces
  hostid (1) - set or print identifier of current host system
  HostManager (1M) - Host Manager
  hostname (1) - set or print name of current host system
  hot-convert (1) - Utility to convert Mosaic hotlists
  hotfd (1M) - hot folder daemon
  hpnpf, nethandler (1) - network peripheral filter
  htmake (1) - create a web site from a source document tree
  htsmall (1) - create an index for a web site from a data definition
  hyperpipeinfo (1G) - display information about hyperpipe connection


  ical (1G) - calendar
  iceauth (1) - ICE authority file utility
  ico (1) - animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron
  iconbooktocatalog (1) - converts old iconbook pages to IRIX 6.5 format
  iconcatalog, iconbook (1) - pages on which to store any type of icon
  iconcatalogedit, iconbookedit (1) - alter contents of icon catalog pages
  iconsmith (1) - an interactive tool for editing polygon-based icons
  iconv (1) - code set conversion utility
  icrash (1M) - IRIX system crash analysis utility
  id (1M) - print the user name and ID, and group name and ID
  idbg (1M) - kernel debugger print utility
  ident (1) - identify RCS keyword strings in files
  ieditor (1) - a simple internationalized mouse-based text editor
  ifatmconfig (1M) - configure parameters for ATM logical TCP/IP interfaces
  ifconfig (1M) - configure network interface parameters
  IFL (1) - configuring the Image Format Library runtime environment
  iflabel (1M) - configure network interface attributes
  IID (1G) - the IRIX Interactive Desktop, SGI's graphical user interface (GUI)
  IL (1) - configuring the ImageVision Library runtime environment
  il2stiff (1) - convert images from IL supported formats to Stream TIFF
  ILmonitor (1) - monitoring applications that use the ImageVision Library
  ilptops (1) - convert a text file into a PostScript file
  imagetops (1) - convert image file to printable PostScript
  imake (1) - C preprocessor interface to the make utility
  imdmonitor (1M) - daemon that monitors filesystems and launches alerts
  imgcopy (1) - copy and convert image file
  imged (1G) - small image editor
  imgformats (1) - list supported image file formats
  imginfo (1) - obtain information about image files
  imgtcl (1) - tcl-based scripting shell for the IL
  imgview (1) - displays image files
  imgworks (1) - visual tool for enhancing image files
  Impressario (1) - printing and scanning server environment for SGI systems
  impressario_ppd_model.gui (1) - PPD Printer Configuration Dialog
  imprint (1) - converts text files to PostScript, similar to Adobe enscript(tm)
  inetd (1M) - Internet ``super-server''
  infocmp (1M) - compare or print out terminfo descriptions
  inform (1G) - display a message in a window
  infosearch (1) - search and view documentation
  infosrch.cgi (1) - Infosearch Common Gateway Interface Program
  init, telinit (1M) - process control initialization
  initDisk (1M) - initializes disk and partitions is as an option disk
  inject (1) - inject a removable media device
  insight, iiv (1) - The IRIS InSight Online Documentation Viewer (obsolete)
  insightAdmin (1) - Online Documentation Administration Utility
  inst (1M) - software installation tool
  install (1) - install files in directories
  installf (1M) - add a file to the software installation database
  installf (1M) - add a file to the software installation database
  intro (1) - introduction to commands, application programs, and programming commands.
  intro (1M) - introduction to maintenance commands and application programs
  INTRO_SS (1) - Describes SpeedShop and the SpeedShop group of performance tools
  Inventor (1) - a toolkit for writing 3d programs
  ioconfig (1M) - configure I/O devices
  ipanel (1) - customization panel for setting locale, timezone and keyboard
  ipaste (1G) - display an image
  ipcrm (1) - remove a message queue, semaphore set or shared memory id
  ipcs (1) - report inter-process communication facilities status
  ipfilterd (1M) - IP packet filtering daemon
  ipkbd (1M) - changes a user's keyboard layout setting.
  iplang (1M) - changes a user's locale setting.
  ipld (1M) - creates a composite locale.
  iptime (1M) - changes a user's time zone setting.
  ircombine (1G) - Create, modify, query, load and save video format combinations
  isdnd (1M) - ISDN Daemon
  IsdnManager (1M) - ISDN Manager
  isdnstat (1M) - show ISDN connection status
  isSuper (1) - supertype checking utility for use with file type rules
  itester (1M) - ISDN test and development tool
  iv2toiv1 (1) - converts Inventor 2.0 files to the Inventor 1.0 format
  ivcat (1) - concatenates and converts Inventor files
  ivdowngrade (1) - converts Inventor 2.1 files to the Inventor 2.0 and 1.0 formats
  ivfix (1) - restructures an Inventor object for improved rendering performance
  ivinfo (1) - Prints information about Inventor files
  ivview (1) - fast, interactive 3D viewer of Inventor files
  iwsh (1G) - creates and specifies a window shell


  ja (1) - starts and stops user job accounting information
  java_plugin (1) - Java(tm) Plug-in for Irix, v1.4.1
  java_plugin (1) - Runtime Plug-in for Irix, Java(tm) Edition
  jgui (1M) - Xinet GUI service for remote administration
  jlimit (1) - displays and sets resource limits
  jobs (1) - display status of jobs in the current session
  join (1) - relational database operator
  jot, jotxgizmo (1G) - mouse-based text editor
  jpeg2stiff (1) - convert a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) image file to Stream TIFF (STIFF)
  jstat (1) - displays job status information


  kats, kscp, ksmv, ksrm (1) - K-AShare File Manipulation Utilities
  katype (1) - determine file type
  kbdcomp (1M) - compile code set and keyboard map tables
  kbdload (1M) - load or link kbd tables
  kbdpipe (1) - use the kbd module in a pipeline
  kbdset (1) - attach to kbd mapping tables, set modes
  kdbx (1) - Invokes the source-level remote-kernel debugger
  kdestroy (1) - destroy Kerberos tickets
  kerberos (1) - introduction to the Kerberos system
  kernprof (1) - Special executable for SpeedShop performance measurements on the UNIX kernel
  keyboard (1) - customization panel for setting keyclick and key repeat
  kill (1) - terminate a process by default
  killall (1M) - kill named processes
  killautofs (1M) - stop autofs daemon.
  killautomount (1M) - kill automount daemon.
  killxwnmo (1) - kill the input manager xwnmo(1X).
  kinit (1) - obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting ticket
  klist (1) - list cached Kerberos tickets
  klogpp (1M) - kernel /dev/log post-processor
  kmem_debug (1M) - kernel memory debug module
  kpasswd (1) - change a user's Kerberos password
  ksd (1M) - AppleShare file server
  ksd_msg (1M) - send a message to K-AShare users
  ksd_restart (1M) - halt/restart the K-AShare daemon
  ksyncset (1) - change the ksync master
  ksyncstat (1) - list the ksync master, producers, and consumers
  kunarc, karc (1) - K-AShare AppleSingle/AppleDouble/BinHex/MacBinary converter
  kvno (1) - print key version numbers of Kerberos principals


  labelit (1M) - provide labels for file systems
  laserjet (1) - HP LaserJet parallel printer driver
  laserjetPJL (1) - driver for HP LaserJet printers that support PJL
  laserjetPS (1) - driver for HP LaserJet printers that support PostScript
  laserwriter (1) - driver for PostScript printers
  last (1) - indicate last logins of users and terminals
  launch (1X) - graphical utility to enter and invoke commands with arguments
  launchbookviewer (1) - utility for launching the online book viewer
  launchESPartner (1) - start Embedded Support Partner User Interface
  launchWebJumper (1) - open a webjumper or URL, avoiding locked-cache messages
  lboot (1M) - configure bootable kernel
  lbxproxy (1) - Low BandWidth X proxy
  ld (1) - Link editor
  ldapcompare (1) - LDAP compare tool
  ldapdelete (1) - LDAP delete entry tool
  ldapmodify, ldapadd (1) - LDAP modify entry and LDAP add entry tools
  ldapmodrdn (1) - LDAP rename entry tool
  ldappasswd (1) - change the password of an LDAP entry
  ldapsearch (1) - LDAP search tool
  ldapwhoami (1) - LDAP who am i? tool
  ldd (1) - Shows run-time DSO dependencies
  lex (1) - generate programs for simple lexical tasks
  lexmarkoptra (1) - driver for Lexmark Optra printers
  lfmt (1) - display error message in standard format and pass to logging and monitoring services
  libxrx (1) - RX Netscape Navigator Plug-in
  LicenseManager (1M) - view and manage FLEXlm and NetLS software licenses
  line (1) - read one line
  link, unlink (1M) - link and unlink files
  linkstat (1) - a Craylink monitoring tool
  lint (1) - a C program checker
  List_tape (1) - list the contents of a given backup tape
  listAllDiskFS (1M) - lists all filesystems on local disks
  listclients (1M) - list system administration clients
  listen (1M) - network listener port monitor
  listPrinters (1M) - get list of printers from a remote system
  listres (1) - list resources in widgets (Internationalized version)
  listRootBackups (1M) - get the list of backups scheduled by the super-user
  lltune (1M) - Sends/receives lapb or llc2 tuning parameters to/from their respective drivers.
  lmbasehostid (1) - remove partition data from an lmhostid
  lmborrow (1) - borrow a license
  lmcksum (1) - print license checksums
  lmdiag (1) - diagnostic checkout tool
  lmdown (1) - graceful shutdown of all license daemons
  lmgrd (1) - flexible license manager daemon
  lmhostid (1) - report the hostid of a system
  lmparthostids (1) - generate lmhostids for all possible partitions
  lmpath (1) - control license paths
  lmremove (1) - remove specific licenses and return them to license pool
  lmreread (1) - tells the license daemon to reread the license file
  lmstat (1) - report status on license manager daemons and feature usage
  lmswitch (1) - switch vendor daemon logs
  lmswitchr (1) - switch REPORTLOG file to a new file
  lmutil (1) - generic FLEXlm utility program.
  lmver (1) - report the FLEXlm version of a library or binary file
  lndir (1) - create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree
  locale (1) - get locale-specific information
  localedef (1) - define locale environment
  lockd (1M) - NFS lock daemon
  logger (1) - make entries in the system log
  login (1) - sign on
  logname (1) - get login name
  lp, cancel (1) - send/cancel requests to an LP line printer
  lpadmin (1M) - configure the LP spooling system
  lpc (1M) - BSD line printer control program
  lpd (1M) - BSD line printer daemon
  lpenabled (1) - monitor printer output port and enable printer when port is writable.
  lpq (1) - BSD print spool queue examination program
  lpqserver (1M) - service requests from the Macintosh K-Spool Monitor desk accessory
  lpr (1) - BSD print spooler
  lprm (1) - remove jobs from the BSD line printer spooling queue
  lpsched, lpshut, lpmove (1M) - start/stop the LP scheduler and move requests
  lpstat (1) - print LP status information
  lptest (1) - generate lineprinter ripple pattern
  lptops (1) - convert a text file into a PostScript file
  ls (1) - list contents of directory
  lv_to_xlv (1M) - generate a script for converting from lv to XLV


  m4 (1) - macro processor
  mactest (1) - Tests MAC labels on directories, files and processes.
  Mail (1) - send and receive mail
  mail (1) - send mail to users or read mail
  mailbox (1) - mail notification
  mailq (1) - print the mail queue
  mailx (1) - send and receive mail
  make (1) - maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs (DEVELOPMENT)
  makecidres (1) - Build PostScript CID resource database file.
  makedepend (1) - create dependencies in makefiles
  MAKEDEV (1M) - create device special files
  makeDotDesktop (1X) - creates the $HOME/.desktop-<hostname> directory
  makeIBRimages (1pf) - OpenGL Performer tool for generating images for image- based rendering
  makeIconVisuals (1X) - determine the correct visuals for desktop icons
  makekey (1) - generate encryption key
  makemap (1G) - store colors into the gl color map
  makemdbm, makedbm (1M) - make an NIS mdbm file
  makemovie (1) - make a movie from movie, image, and audio files
  makeProxy (1pf) - Interactive OpenGL Performer tool for generating a proxy - a simplification of a complex object that contains the original object.
  makeProxyImages (1pf) - OpenGL Performer tool for generating images for image- based rendering in which the images are projected on a proxy, a simplified version of the object
  makepsres (1) - Build PostScript resource database file.
  makewhatis, manwhat (1M) - make manual page "whatis" database for use with apropos
  man (1) - print entries from the on-line reference manuals; find manual entries by keyword
  man2html (1) - filter to convert a man page to HTML
  manAdmin (1) - create a set of files for processing from man pages
  maze (1) - a nostalgic 3d game
  maze (1) - an automated X11 demo repeatedly creating and solving a random maze
  mcogamma (1G) - set gamma on MultiChannel Option channels
  mdbm_remove (1M) - invalidate and remove mdbm files
  mediaconvert, moviemaster, soundfiler, movieconvert (1) - digital media file conversion tool
  mediad (1M) - removable media daemon
  mediarecorder (1) - record movies, still images, or audio files
  memleak (1M) - IRIX system memory leak utility
  memtovid (1) - Video Library single frame output tool
  merge (1) - three-way file merge
  mergeOPTIONS (1M) - merge in PostScript options
  mesg (1) - permit or deny messages
  midikeys (1) - 3D graphical MIDI keyboard controller
  midisynth (1) - software MIDI synthesizer
  mipscheck, r8kpp, r5kpp, u64check (1) - Examines binaries for instruction sequences
  miser (1) - Miser resource manager
  miser_jinfo (1) - query miser about the schedule/description of a submitted job
  miser_kill (1) - kill a miser job
  miser_move (1) - move a block of resources from one queue to another
  miser_qinfo (1) - query information on miser queues, queue resource status, and list of jobs scheduled against a queue
  miser_reset (1) - reset miser with a new configuration file
  miser_submit (1) - submit a job to a miser queue
  mkaf (1) - create a Performance Co-Pilot archive folio
  mkalias (1M) - NIS mail alias tool
  mkboottape (1M) - make a boot tape filesystem
  mkbsdnetpr (1M) - provide access to a remote printer using the BSD printing protocols
  mkbsdpr (1M) - register a BSD printer with LP
  mkcentpr (1M) - install a parallel (Centronics) interface System V printer
  mkdepend (1) - compute header file dependencies
  mkdir (1) - make directories
  mkdirhier (1) - makes a directory hierarchy
  mkf2c (1) - Generate FORTRAN-C interface routines
  mkfifo (1M) - make FIFO special file
  mkfile (1M) - create a file
  mkfontdir, fonts.dir, fonts.scale, fonts.alias (1) - create an index of X font files in a directory
  mkfp (1M) - construct a FAT (MSDOS) or HFS (MACINTOSH) filesystem
  mkfs (1M) - construct a filesystem
  mkfs_efs (1M) - construct an EFS filesystem
  mkfs_udf (1M) - construct a UDF filesystem
  mkfs_xfs (1M) - construct an XFS filesystem
  mkfsXfs (1M) - calls mkfs_xfs to construct an xfs filesystem
  mkjtpr (1M) - install a network printer interface System V printer
  mkmsgs (1) - create message files for use by gettxt
  mknetpr (1M) - provide access to a remote printer
  mknod (1M) - build special file or named pipe (FIFO)
  mkpart (1M) - Partition Configuration Tool for Origin
  mkscsipr (1M) - installs a SCSI interface System V printer
  mkserialpr (1M) - install a serial interface System V printer
  mkstr (1) - create an error message file by massaging C source
  mksymlinks (1X) - make required Motif symbolic links.
  mksymlinks (1X) - make required Motif symbolic links.
  mkwordlist (1) - create a word file from release notes
  ml (1M) - load dynamic kernel modules
  mmail2nsmail (1) - copy mail folders to Netscape Messenger location
  mmcinfo (1m) - Provide information and control of multimedia devices
  mmkmf (1) - create a Makefile from an Imakefile
  mmkmf (1) - create a Makefile from an Imakefile
  mmscd (1M) - communicates with MMSC (including front panel display) on Origin2000 and Onyx2 rack systems
  mntproc (1M) - mount the /proc filesystem
  moat (1) - the standard Tcl Motif interpreter
  modelinfo (1M) - generate formatted list of supported printers
  modifyPermissionsAndOwnership (1M) - modify permissions and ownership of files
  modifyUserAccount (1M) - modify an existing user account
  modinfofltr (1M) - format and filter the /var/spool/lp/modelinfo.dat file
  monitorRemovableMedia (1M) - enable mediad monitoring of a device
  monpanel (1G) - monitor control panel for Presenter Flat Panel Displays
  montbl (1M) - create monetary database
  more, page (1) - browse or page through a text file
  mount, umount (1M) - mount and unmount filesystems
  mount_kfs, umount_kfs (1M) - AppleShare mounter
  mountall (1M) - mount multiple filesystems
  mountd (1M) - NFS mount/umount request server
  mountfs (1M) - mounts a filesystem.
  mouse (1) - panel for setting mouse acceleration, mapping, click speed
  moviemaker (1) - interactive editor for movie files
  movieplayer, mediaplayer (1) - player for media files
  mpadmin (1) - control and report processor status
  mpc (1) - Multiprocessing C source transformer
  MPI (1) - Introduction to the Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  mpirun (1) - Runs MPI programs
  mrouted (1M) - IP multicast routing daemon
  mt (1) - magnetic tape manipulating program
  mtrace (1M) - print multicast path from a source to a receiver
  mtrconfig (1M) - configure or display Madge PCI Token Ring interface parameters.
  multgrps (1) - spawn a shell with membership in multiple groups
  multi (1M) - switch the system to multiuser mode
  muncher (1) - draw interesting patterns in an X window
  mvdir (1M) - move a directory
  mwm (1) - The Motif Window Manager
  mwm (1X) - The Motif Window Manager
  myzone (1) - print the host's AppleTalk zone


  named, named-xfer (1M) - internet domain name server (DNS)
  nbpd (1M) - AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol daemon
  nbpremove (1M) - unregister an entity name
  nc (1) - Client program for NEdit text editor
  NCC, DCC (1) - 32-bit C++ compiler
  ncheck (1M) - generate pathnames from i-numbers
  ndp (1M) - neighbor discovery display and control
  ndpd (1M) - IPv6 Neighbor Discovery daemon
  ndsd (1) - network dual-head software daemon
  NEdit (1) - Text Editor
  netgather (1) - Gather various network-related configuration information
  NetIfManager (1M) - Network Interface Manager
  netprint (1M) - Submit lp print job to remote spooler via a network connection
  netscape (1) - the premier World Wide Web browser
  netsnoop (1M) - capture and decode network traffic
  netstat (1) - show network status
  nettest, nettestd (1) - Performs client and server functions for timing data throughput
  network (1M) - network initialization and shutdown script
  newaliases (1) - rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file
  newer (1) - command for testing modification dates of two files
  newfile (1) - perform file-creation tasks for printer scripts
  newform (1) - change the format of a text file
  newgrp (1) - log in to a new group
  newhelp (1) - generate a performance metrics help database
  newlabel (1) - run a process at another label
  newproj (1) - switch to a new project
  news (1) - print news items
  newsess (1) - start a new array session
  nfsd, biod, bio3d (1M) - NFS daemons
  nfsSetup (1M) - Set up Network File System Service
  nfsstat (1M) - display Network File System statistics
  nice (1) - run a command at low priority
  nisSetup (1M) - Set up Network Information System
  nl (1) - line numbering filter
  nm (1) - Print name list of object file(s)
  noderun (1) - Run process on specific node (advisory specification)
  nohup (1) - run a command immune to hangups and quits
  noodle (1) - interactive 3d modeling program
  npri (1) - modify the scheduling priority of a process
  nsadmin (1M) - Name Service Administration Utility
  nsd (1M) - UNS name service daemon
  nseq (1) - create or examine a netscape certificate sequence
  nslookup (1C) - query Internet name servers interactively
  nsmount (1M) - mount name service filesystem
  nstats (1) - Origin 2000/200 NUMA Memory Management Statistics
  numa_view (1) - a tool for showing NUMA placement information
  numastatd (1M) - maintain NUMAlink device status and statistics data
  nvram, sgikopt (1M) - get or set non-volatile RAM variables


  oawk (1) - pattern scanning and processing language
  OCC (1) - old (cfront-based) C++ compiler
  oclock (1) - round X clock
  ocsp (1) - Online Certificate Status Protocol utility
  od (1) - octal dump
  odiff (1) - differential file and directory comparator
  odump (1) - Dumps selected parts of an object file
  oglsnoop (1G) - magnify and report on the screen under the mouse pointer
  on (1C) - execute a command remotely
  onlinediag (1M) - run diagnostic tests on cpus to test floating point units.
  openHintsShortcuts (1) - load the desktop Hints & Shortcuts into Web browser
  openhomepg (1) - loads the user's OutBox home page into Web browser
  openssl (1) - OpenSSL command line tool
  optionalsym (1) - Transform ELF symbols to optional symbols
  ordist (1c) - remote file distribution program
  orion (1) - DIVO/DVC graphical VLAN control utility with record and playback capabilities
  orion (1) - Sirius graphical VLAN control utility with record and playback
  osed (1) - stream editor (not POSIX compliant)
  osview (1) - monitor operating system activity data
  outbox (1) - publish files in user's Web Out Box
  outputd (1X) - capture application output and errors
  ov (1) - desks overview provides controls for manipulating desks
  oview (1) - visualize the performance of an Origin server
  oview4sn0 (1) - visualize the performance of Origin 2000 server
  oview_layout (1) - determine CrayLink interconnection topology of Origin systems


  pac (1M) - BSD printer accounting information
  pack, pcat, unpack (1) - compress and expand files
  packppdfiles (1) - Pack all files needed by the Impressario PPD driver into one file.
  padc (1) - process activity data collector
  papserver (1M) - spool files from network-connected Macintoshes
  par (1) - process activity reporter / truss-like system call tracer
  partmgr (1M) - Partition Configuration Tool for Origin
  passmgmt (1M) - password files management
  passthru (1) - pass audio sample data from an input port to an output port
  passwd (1) - change login password and password attributes
  passwd (1) - compute password hashes
  paste (1) - merge same lines of several files or subsequent lines of one file
  patch (1) - apply a diff file to an original
  pathchk (1) - check pathnames
  pathconf (1) - get configurable pathname variables (POSIX)
  pax (1) - portable archive exchange
  pciconfig (1M) - hot-plug insert, hot-plug remove, and query PCI devices
  PCPIntro (1) - introduction to the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
  peer_encaps (1M) - Simple Network Management Protocol Agent Encapsulator
  peer_snmpd (1M) - Simple Network Management Protocol daemon
  perfex (1) - Command line interface to processor event counters
  perl (1) - Practical Extraction and Report Language
  perlapio (1) - perl's IO abstraction interface.
  perlbook (1) - Perl book information
  perlbot (1) - Bag'o Object Tricks (the BOT)
  perlbug (1) - how to submit bug reports on Perl
  perlcall (1) - Perl calling conventions from C
  perldata (1) - Perl data types
  perldebug (1) - Perl debugging
  perldelta (1) - what's new for perl5.004
  perldiag (1) - various Perl diagnostics
  perldoc (1) - Look up Perl documentation in pod format.
  perldsc (1) - Perl Data Structures Cookbook
  perlembed (1) - how to embed perl in your C program
  perlfaq (1) - frequently asked questions about Perl ($Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq1 (1) - General Questions About Perl ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq2 (1) - Obtaining and Learning about Perl ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq3 (1) - Programming Tools ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq4 (1) - Data Manipulation ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq5 (1) - Files and Formats ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq6 (1) - Regexps ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq7 (1) - Perl Language Issues ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq8 (1) - System Interaction ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlfaq9 (1) - Networking ($Revision: 1.1 $, $Date: 2002/05/07 00:07:32 $)
  perlform (1) - Perl formats
  perlfunc (1) - Perl builtin functions
  perlguts (1) - Perl's Internal Functions
  perlhist (1) - the Perl history records
  perlipc (1) - Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores)
  perllocale (1) - Perl locale handling (internationalization and localization)
  perlLoL (1) - Manipulating Lists of Lists in Perl
  perlmod (1) - Perl modules (packages and symbol tables)
  perlmodinstall (1) - Installing CPAN Modules
  perlmodlib (1) - constructing new Perl modules and finding existing ones
  perlobj (1) - Perl objects
  perlop (1) - Perl operators and precedence
  perlpod (1) - plain old documentation
  perlport (1) - Writing portable Perl
  perlre (1) - Perl regular expressions
  perlref (1) - Perl references and nested data structures
  perlrun (1) - how to execute the Perl interpreter
  perlsec (1) - Perl security
  perlstyle (1) - Perl style guide
  perlsub (1) - Perl subroutines
  perlsyn (1) - Perl syntax
  perltie (1) - how to hide an object class in a simple variable
  perltoc (1) - perl documentation table of contents
  perltoot (1) - Tom's object-oriented tutorial for perl
  perltrap (1) - Perl traps for the unwary
  perlvar (1) - Perl predefined variables
  perlxs (1) - XS language reference manual
  perlXStut (1) - Tutorial for XSUBs
  permissions (1M) - Change Permissions - Modify Permissions and Ownership of Files
  PEX (1) - a 3D extension to
  pfa2pfb (1) - convert PostScript Type 1 font from ASCII to binary encoding
  pfb2pfa (1) - convert PostScript Type 1 font from binary encoding to ASCII encoding
  pfconv (1pf) - OpenGL Performer file translator
  pfmt (1) - display error message in standard format
  pfpalettize (1pf) - OpenGL Performer texture palettizer
  pg (1) - file perusal filter for CRTs
  pgbrkcfmt (1) - remove nroff page breaks and add HTML character tag
  phandler (1) - generic parallel printer driver
  ping (1M) - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
  pixie (1) - Measures code execution frequency
  pkcs12 (1) - PKCS#12 file utility
  pkcs7 (1) - PKCS#7 utility
  pkcs8 (1) - PKCS#8 format private key conversion tool
  pkgadd (1M) - transfer software package to the system
  pkgask (1M) - stores answers to a request script
  pkgchk (1M) - check accuracy of installation
  pkginfo (1) - display software package information
  pkgmk (1) - produce an installable package
  pkgparam (1) - displays package parameter values
  pkgproto (1) - generate a prototype file
  pkgrm (1M) - removes a package from the system
  pkgtrans (1) - translate package format
  pl2pm (1) - Rough tool to translate Perl4 .pl files to Perl5 .pm modules.
  plaid (1) - paint some plaid-like patterns in an X window
  playaifc, playaiff (1) - play an AIFF-C (or AIFF) audio sample file
  pmafm (1) - Performance Co-Pilot archive folio manager
  pmake, smake (1) - create programs in parallel
  pmbrand (1) - brand Performance Co-Pilot licenses
  pmcd (1) - performance metrics collector daemon
  pmcd_wait (1) - wait for PMCD to accept client connections
  pmdaespping (1) - generic probe performance metrics domain agent
  pmdate (1) - display an offset date
  pmdaxvm (1) - XVM performance metrics domain agent
  pmdbg (1) - translate Performance Co-Pilot debug control flags
  pmdumplog (1) - dump internal details of a performance metrics archive log
  pmem (1) - report per-process memory usage
  pmerr (1) - translate Performance Co-Pilot error codes into error messages
  pmhostname (1) - report hostname
  pmie (1) - inference engine for performance metrics
  pmie_check (1) - administration of the Performance Co-Pilot inference engine
  pmieconf (1) - display and set configurable pmie rule variables
  pminfo (1) - display information about performance metrics
  pmkstat (1) - high-level system performance overview
  pmlc (1) - configure active Performance Co-Pilot pmlogger(s) interactively
  pmlock (1) - simple file-based mutex
  pmlogconf (1) - create/edit a pmlogger configuration file
  pmlogger (1) - create archive log for performance metrics
  pmnsadd (1) - add new names to the Performance Co-Pilot PMNS
  pmnscomp (1) - compile an ASCII performance metrics namespace into binary format.
  pmnsdel (1) - delete a subtree of names from the Performance Co-Pilot PMNS
  pmnsmerge (1) - merge multiple versions of a Performance Co-Pilot PMNS
  pmobjstyle (1) - print the object style of the running kernel
  pmpost (1) - append messages to the Performance Co-Pilot notice board
  pmprobe (1) - lightweight probe for performance metrics
  pmrun (1) - graphical utility for entering PCP command line arguments
  pmstore (1) - modify performance metric values
  pmtime (1) - Performance Co-Pilot time control server
  pmval (1) - performance metrics value dumper
  pmview+ (1) - performance metrics 3D visualization back-end
  pod2html (1) - convert .pod files to .html files
  pod2man (1) - translate embedded Perl pod directives into man pages
  podd (1M) - Printer Object Database (POD) server
  portmap (1M) - TCP, UDP port to RPC program number mapper
  portstat (1) - show status of open audio ports
  powerdown (1M) - stop all processes and halt the system
  ppd (1M) - Impressario PPD driver for use with PostScript capable printers.
  ppdtopod (1) - convert a PPD file to an Impressario POD file.
  ppp, if_ppp, ppp_fram (1M) - Point-to-Point Protocol
  PppManager (1M) - PPP Manager
  pppstat (1M) - Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Status
  pr (1) - print files
  preallocColors (1X) - preallocate colors to minimize desktop colormap flashing
  preset (1M) - reset the lp spooling system to a pristine state by deleting printers
  print (1) - printing tools
  printers (1M) - graphical printer manager command
  printf (1) - print formatted output
  printstatus (1) - graphical printer status tool
  prioinfo (1) - print priority IO allocation information.
  PrivilegeManager, privmgr (1M) - privilege manager
  ProcessManager (1M) - Process Manager
  proclaim (1M) - client for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  ProclaimRelayMgr (1M) - graphical interface for the proclaim relay-agent
  ProclaimServerMgr (1M) - graphical interface for proclaim server configuration
  prof (1) - Analyzes and displays SpeedShop performance data
  profiler: prfld, prfstat, prfdc, prfsnap, prfpr (1M) - UNIX system profiler
  prom (1M) - PROM monitor
  proxymngr (1) - proxy manager service
  prs (1) - print an SCCS file
  prtvtoc (1M) - print disk volume header information
  ps (1) - report process status
  pschunky (1) - convert a PostScript file to CHUNKY data format
  psdit (1) - convert troff intermediate format to POSTSCRIPT format
  psf (1M) - PostScript printer driver.
  psfiletype (1) - determine format of file for PostScript conversion
  psif (1M) - printer input filter ( lpr(1) only )
  psifconfig (1M) - show and set packet scheduling interface configuration
  psreverse (1M) - reverse printer output
  psrip (1) - convert a PostScript file to raster data format
  psroff (1) - troff to a POSTSCRIPT printer
  psselect (1) - select pages from a PostScript file
  pssplit (1) - split a PostScript file into separate single-page files
  psycho (1) - animate an icosahedron
  puzzle (1) - 15-puzzle game for X
  pwck (1M) - password file checker
  pwconv (1M) - install and update /etc/shadow with information from /etc/passwd
  pwd (1) - print working directory name


  qmorf (1) - 3d morphing program
  query (1M) - query AppleTalk Printer and put response into a file.
  QuickPage (1) - SNPP client/server for sending messages to an alpha-numeric pager
  quot (1M) - summarize filesystem ownership
  quota (1) - display disk usage and limits
  quotacheck (1M) - EFS filesystem quota consistency checker
  quotaon, quotaoff (1M) - turn filesystem quotas on and off


  rand (1) - generate pseudo-random bytes
  rarpd (1M) - DARPA Reverse Address Resolution Protocol daemon
  ratfor (1) - rational FORTRAN dialect
  rbview (1) - simple audio queue debugging tool
  rc0 (1M) - run commands required to enter single-user mode or halt the system
  rc2 (1M) - run commands required for multi-user environment
  rcp (1C) - remote file copy
  rcpDevice (1) - copy a file or directory to or from a remote host
  rcs (1) - change RCS file attributes
  rcsclean (1) - clean up working files
  rcsdiff (1) - compare RCS revisions
  rcsfreeze (1) - freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RCS
  rcsintro (1) - introduction to RCS commands
  rcsmerge (1) - merge RCS revisions
  rdisc (1M) - Internet router discovery daemon
  rdist (1) - remote file distribution client program
  rdistd (1M) - remote file distribution server program
  read (1) - read a line from standard input
  readlink (1) - prints the value of a symbolic link
  realpath (1) - prints the real file name
  reaper (1) - manages a login session
  reboot (1M) - reboot the system
  regcmp (1) - regular expression compile
  registrar (1M) - IP address update command for NIS hosts data base
  reinstallpr (1M) - reinstall System V network printers
  relnote2html (1) - filter to convert an SGI release note to HTML
  relnotes (1) - on-line release notes viewer
  remapLibs (1pf) - Library remapping utility
  remotedir (1) - open a remote directory
  RemovableMediaManager (1M) - removable media manager
  removeOldLangCatalog (1) - Updates iconcatalog after LANG change
  removepppin (1M) - remove a PPP incoming entry.
  removepppout (1M) - remove a PPP outgoing entry.
  removeSwap (1M) - removes the indicated swap element
  renice (1M) - alter priority of running processes
  repquota (1M) - summarize quotas for a local filesystem
  req (1) - PKCS#10 certificate request and certificate generating utility.
  resize (1) - set TERMCAP and terminal settings to current xterm window size
  Restore (1) - restore the specified file or directory from tape
  restore (1M) - restore files from backup
  restore, rrestore (1M) - incremental filesystem restore
  resymlink (1M) - force a recreation of a symbolic link file
  revo (1) - creates revolved 3d surfaces
  rexd (1M) - RPC-based remote execution server
  rexecd (1M) - remote execution server
  rfind (1) - remote find
  rfindd (1M) - rfind daemon
  rgb (1) - convert a rgb spec file to ndbm files
  rgb2ps (1) - Convert an SGI image to PostScript
  rgbtorice (1) - RGB to Rice file compression utility
  rhost (1M) - set the attributes of remote hosts and networks.
  ricetorgb (1) - Rice to RGB file decompression utility
  ripsock (1M) - drive a PostScript rip via a TCP/IP socket
  rlog (1) - print log messages and other information about RCS files
  rlogin (1C) - remote login
  rlogind (1M) - remote login server
  rm, rmdir (1) - remove files or directories
  rmdefpriv (1M) - remove a default system administration privilege from the system
  rmdel (1) - remove a delta from an SCCS file
  rmfstabentry (1M) - remove a filesystem entry from the /etc/fstab file.
  rmprinter (1M) - remove a printer from the System V spooling system
  rmpriv (1M) - remove a privilege from the privilege database
  rmprivuser (1M) - remove a user's system administration privileged user status
  rmt (1M) - remote magtape protocol module
  roboinst, roboinst_start, roboinst_check (1M) - automatic software installation tool
  roboinst_config, mrconfig (1M) - configure automatic installation server directory
  route (1M) - manually manipulate the routing tables
  route6d (1M) - IPv6 RIP Routing Daemon
  routed (1M) - network RIP and router discovery routing daemon
  routeprint, fileconvert (1) - convert file to printer or to specified filetype
  rpc.passwd (1M) - server for modifying NIS password file
  rpcbind (1M) - universal addresses to RPC program number mapper
  rpcgen (1) - an RPC protocol compiler
  rpcgen_tli (1) - an RPC protocol compiler
  rpcinfo (1M) - report RPC information
  rqs, rqs32 (1) - Make 32-bit executable or shared object quickstart ready
  rqs64 (1) - Modifies 64-bit executable or shared object to be quickstart- ready
  rqsall (1) - Re-quickstarts out-of-sync ELF shared objects/executables
  rqsprint (1) - Displays information about a collection of ELF files on a system
  rqsread (1) - Determines if an ELF file must be re-quickstarted
  rquotad (1M) - remote quota server
  rsa (1) - RSA key processing tool
  rsautl (1) - RSA utility
  rsh (1C) - remote shell
  rshd (1M) - remote shell server
  rstat (1M) - show resource reservation status
  rstatd (1M) - kernel statistics server
  rsvpd (1M) - Resource ReSerVations Protocol daemon
  rsvpd-snmpagent (1M) - Silicon Graphics RSVP & IntSrv SNMP Agent
  rsvpeep (1M) - display multicast RSVP state
  rsync (1) - synchronize files with their latest RCS revisions
  rtap (1M) - real-time application program
  rtmon-client (1) - client for collecting real-time event data from rtmond
  rtmon-dump (1) - dump the contents of events collect from rtmond
  rtmon-run (1) - enable system call event tracing
  rtmond (1) - system event monitoring daemon
  rtmpd (1M) - AppleTalk Routing Table Maintenance daemon
  rtquery (1) - query routing daemons for their routing tables
  run-proclaim (1M) - proclaim initialization, shutdown, and status script
  runacct (1M) - run daily accounting
  runcatalog (1M) - run a system administration manager
  runexec (1M) - run an executable program described in an executable descriptor file
  runon (1) - run a command on a particular processor
  runpanel (1M) - run a system administration status panel
  runpriv (1M) - run privileged commands
  runtask (1M) - run a system administration active guide
  rup (1C) - show host status of local machines (RPC version)
  ruptime (1C) - show host status of local machines
  rusers (1C) - who's logged in on local machines (RPC version)
  rusersd (1M) - network username server
  rwall (1) - write to all users over a network
  rwalld (1M) - network rwall server
  rwho (1C) - who's logged in on local machines
  rwhod (1M) - system status server


  s2p (1) - Sed to Perl translator
  s_client (1) - SSL/TLS client program
  s_server (1) - SSL/TLS server program
  sabgicons (1M) - list serialized dna for removable media and unused disk icons
  sac (1M) - service access controller
  sact (1) - print current SCCS file editing activity
  sar (1) - system activity reporter
  sar: sa1, sa2, sadc (1M) - system activity report package
  sat_echo (1M) - echo standard input into the system audit trail
  sat_interpret (1M) - convert audit records from binary to English
  sat_reduce (1M) - filter interesting records from the system audit trail
  sat_select (1M) - preselect events for the system audit trail to gather
  sat_summarize (1M) - generate statistics on a stream of audit records
  satconfig (1M) - configure the system audit trail to collect particular events
  satd (1M) - reliably save the system audit trail
  satmpd (1M) - Security Attribute Token Mapping Protocol Daemon
  savecore (1M) - save a crash vmcore dump of the operating system
  savemap (1G) - saves the current contents of the colormap
  scanners (1M) - scanner installation tool
  sccs (1) - front end for the SCCS subsystem
  sccsdiff (1) - compare two versions of an SCCS file
  SceneViewer (1) - 3d editor and viewer for Inventor scenes
  schemebr (1) - customization panel for specifying color schemes
  scp (1) - secure copy (remote file copy program)
  scratchpad (1) - Display PostScript text "playground"
  script (1) - make typescript of terminal session
  scsiadminswap (1M) - perform a live plug or unplug of a scsi device
  scsicontrol (1m) - probe and control scsi devices
  scsidiskformat (1m) - low level format of SCSI, Fibre Channel devices.
  scsidisktest (1m) - finds and reallocates bad blocks on SCSI and Fibre Channel Disks
  scsifo (1m) - Show Failover status and initiate Failover.
  scsiha (1m) - probe and control scsi buses
  scsihotswap (1M) - This command is no longer supported.
  scsimodepage (1m) - display and edit Mode Pages for SCSI and Fibre Channel devices
  scsiquiesce (1M) - stop all SCSI bus activity for a specific amount of time
  sdiff (1) - side-by-side difference program
  sdpd (1) - Session Directory Server Daemon
  sdr-launch (1) - Session Directory Client Launcher
  searchbook (1) - (a.k.a. search tool) find files
  securesystem (1M) - improve system security
  sed (1) - stream editor
  SerialDeviceManager (1M) - serial device manager
  sesdaemon (1m) - Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure Status/Configuration daemon
  sesmgr (1m) - Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure Status/Configuration Command Line Interface
  sess_id (1) - SSL/TLS session handling utility
  set_vacation (1) - turn on vacation for Netscape Messenger
  setAudioDevice (1) - program to set SoundScheme audio output device
  setdevperms (1M) - Update printing device entries in /etc/ioperms
  setDiskParts (1M) - sets a disk's partition information
  setisdnparm (1M) - configure ISDN and start ISDN daemon.
  setlogopt (1M) - set system administration logging options
  setmnt (1M) - establish mount table
  setmon (1G) - set the current and default video output format
  setNameServers (1M) - set nameserver entries in /etc/resolv.conf
  setPowerSaver (1X) - turns on powersave option, if monitor supports it
  setsym (1M) - set up a debug kernel for symbolic debugging
  settime (1) - change the access and modification dates of files
  setupMacPrinters (1M) - install a Macintosh or PC printer.
  setxkbmap (1) - set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension
  setxkeymap (1) - set the keyboard map using a compiled keymap file
  sfconvert (1) - convert soundfiles
  sfinfo (1) - display soundfile information
  sfkeywords (1) - soundfile keywords used in sfinfo, sfplay, and sfconvert
  sfplay (1) - play soundfile
  sfrecord, recordaifc, recordaiff (1) - record an audio file
  sftp (1) - Secure file transfer program
  sgbot (1) - robot to fetch and index web sites in sgsearch format
  sgcombine (1G) - Create, modify, query, load and save video format combinations
  sgdict (1) - build a dictionary of words for a fulltext index
  sgi2ps (1) - convert an SGI image file to PostScript
  sgi_use_anyaddr (1) - disable reserved range for auto-placed mappings
  sgihelp (1) - The SGI Help Viewer
  SGImeeting (1) - Desktop Collaboration tool
  sgindexAdmin (1) - update infosearch index and table of contents
  sginverter (1) - index an sgsearch dictionary
  sgitcl (1) - Tcl shell for SGI
  sgmerge (1) - merge sgsearch fulltext indices
  sgquery (1) - full-text search engine for sgsearch indices
  sgreader (1) - translate HTML to an sgsearch formatted word file
  sh, rsh, ksh, rksh (1) - a standard/restricted command and programming language
  share_inst, client_inst, clone_client (1M) - diskless software installation tools
  share_setup, client_setup, verify (1M) - diskless software installation tools
  sharefinder (1M) - locate shared resources on other workstations
  sharefs (1M) - enable a filesystem/directory to be accessible by another host.
  sharemgr (1M) - shared resource manager
  sharePrinters (1M) - share local printers with remote hosts.
  shareRemovableMedia (1M) - share a removable media device
  shatter (1) - Sirius Video shatter demo
  showcase (1) - Basic drawing and presentation tool
  showfiles (1M) - show files belonging to installed products
  showfont (1) - font dumper for X font server
  showlimits (1) - displays limits information from the user limits database
  showmount (1M) - show all remote NFS mounts
  showprods (1M) - show products installed on system
  showps (1) - Adobe Systems PostScript language document previewer.
  showrgb (1) - uncompile an rgb color-name database
  shutdown (1M) - shut down system, change system state
  sid (1M) - print the current array session handle and/or project ID
  sigtest (1M) - test and demo program for ATM SVC interface
  simplify (1pf) - Interactive OpenGL Performer tool for simplifying geometry. a simplification of a complex object that contains the original object.
  single (1M) - switch the system to single-user mode
  sir_avcapture (1) - Sirius Video and Audio capture tool
  sir_avplayout (1) - Sirius Video and Audio output tool
  sir_cursor (1) - Sirius Video cursor display tool
  sir_disktovid (1) - Sirius Video transfer tool
  sir_memtovid (1) - Sirius Video transfer tool
  sir_vidtodisk (1) - Sirius Video transfer tool
  sir_vidtomem (1) - Sirius Video transfer tool
  sir_vlan (1) - Sirius Video configuration and command tool
  sircmd (1) - Sirius Video configuration tool
  sitemgr (1) - web content administration and publishing
  sitemgr.cgi (1) - sitemgr primary Common Gateway Interface process
  sitestat.cgi (1) - sitemgr HTTP log file analysis Common Gateway Interface process
  size (1) - Prints the section sizes of object files
  sleep (1) - suspend execution for an interval
  slip, if_sl, if_sl.o (1M) - Serial Line IP
  smcmd (1) - command-line web content administration and publishing tool
  smdbf.cgi (1) - sitemgr database creation Common Gateway Interface process
  smime (1) - S/MIME utility
  smtconfig (1M) - configure or display FDDI interface parameters
  smtd (1M) - FDDI Station Management protocol daemon
  smtinfo (1) - get and display FDDI SMT station information
  smtmaint (1M) - set FDDI line state
  smtping (1M) - send FDDI SMT Echo Request frames to FDDI stations
  smtring (1M) - examines the state of FDDI ring
  smtstat (1) - show FDDI SMT status
  sn (1) - NUMA Memory Management Configuration Tool
  sn0log (1M) - Read Origin and Onyx2 CPU flash PROM log(s)
  sn0msc (1M) - Perform Origin and Onyx2 system controller operations
  snetd (1M) - DLPI network daemon
  snmpd (1M) - Simple Network Management Protocol daemon
  snoop (1M) - capture and inspect network packets
  sort (1) - sort and/or merge files
  soundeditor (1) - digital audio recorder/editor
  soundplayer (1) - sound playback application
  soundscheme (1) - audio cue server (daemon)
  soundtrack (1) - multitrack digital audio recorder/editor
  spansd (1M) - SPANS signalling daemon for ATM switched virtual circuits
  speed (1) - test library performance
  SpeedShop (DSOs) - An integrated package of performance tools
  spell, spellin, spellout (1) - find spelling errors
  spkac (1) - SPKAC printing and generating utility
  split (1) - split a file into pieces
  spoolserv (1M) - a print queue information daemon
  spray (1M) - spray packets
  sprayd (1M) - spray server
  squeeze (1) - Squeezes memory from the system
  srchtxt (1) - display contents of, or search for a text string in, message databases
  ssaggregate (1) - Combines multiple SpeedShop experiment files into one
  ssaver (1) - customization panel for setting screen saver & power saver
  sscompare (1) - Compare SpeedShop performance data from multiple experiment files
  sscord (1) - Explores working set behavior and generates cord feedback files
  ssdump (1) - Prints contents of SpeedShop performance experiment data files
  ssh (1) - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
  ssh-add (1) - adds RSA or DSA identities to the authentication agent
  ssh-agent (1) - authentication agent
  ssh-keygen (1) - authentication key generation, management and conversion
  ssh-keyscan (1) - gather ssh public keys
  ssorder (1) - Writes cord feedback files from working set data
  ssptextract (1) - Extract pthreads specific data from SpeedShop performance experiment data files
  ssrun (1) - Collects SpeedShop and WorkShop performance data
  ssusage (1) - Runs an executable program and prints out the resources it used
  sswsextr (1) - Extracts working set files from SpeedShop bbcounts experiment
  stacker (1M) - robotics control program
  startautofs (1M) - start autofs daemon.
  startautomount (1M) - start automount daemon.
  startd (1M) - startd daemon in foreground with timeout
  startdesktop (1) - open an IRIX Interactive Desktop dirview of home directory
  startgfx, stopgfx (1G) - start/stop the window system
  startmidi, stopmidi (1) - start MIDI daemon
  startnfs (1M) - start nfs daemon.
  startx (1) - initialize an X session
  stat (1M) - display stat attributes of named files
  statd (1M) - network status monitor daemon
  stdump (1) - Dumps a file of intermediate-code debugging information
  stiff2ps (1) - convert a Stream TIFF (STIFF) image file to PostScript
  stopisdnd (1M) - kill the ISDN daemon.
  stopppp (1M) - Stop a PPP call.
  strace (1M) - print STREAMS trace messages
  strain (1M) - extract errors from build log files.
  strclean (1M) - STREAMS error logger cleanup program
  strerr (1M) - STREAMS error logger daemon
  strings (1) - find printable strings in an object file or binary
  strip (1) - Removes symbols and relocation bits
  stty (1) - set the options for a terminal
  su (1M) - become superuser or another user
  suattr (1M) - Execute shell command with specified capabilities at specified MAC label
  substiff (1) - extract a lower left subimage from a STIFF image
  sulogin (1M) - access single-user mode
  sum (1) - print checksum and block count of a file
  sun2stiff (1) - convert a Sun Rasterfile image file to Stream TIFF (STIFF)
  swap (1M) - swap administrative interface
  SwapManager (1M) - view and manage system swap space
  swmgr, SoftwareManager (1M) - software manager
  swpkg (1M) - SGI product packager
  symmon (1M) - kernel symbolic debugger
  sync (1M) - update the super block
  syntheditor (1) - application for editing midisynth parameters and preset files
  synthpanel (1) - 16 channel MIDI control panel
  sysadmd (1M) - system administration daemon
  sysconf (1) - get configurable system variables (POSIX)
  sysctlrd (1M) - communicates with the system controller and LCD front panel on Onyx/Challenge L/XL systems
  sysdump (1M) - generate a vmcore dump of a running IRIX system
  syserrpanel (1M) - System Alert Settings
  sysevent (1) - System Log Event Capture System Daemon
  syseventEp (1) - Event Profile Generator
  syseventIrix (1) - Sysmon Config File converter
  sysinfo (1) - print system identification
  syslogd (1M) - log systems messages
  sysmeter (1) - display system performance values
  sysmgr (1M) - System Manager - Access to Desktop System Administration
  sysmon (1M) - System log file viewer
  sysmonpp (1M) - System Monitor Preprocessor
  systune (1M) - display and set tunable parameters


  tabs (1) - set tabs on a terminal
  tag (1) - tag a MIPS executable or shell script with an identifying number
  tail (1) - deliver the last part of a file
  talk (1) - talk to another user
  talkd (1M) - remote user communication server
  tar (1) - tape archiver
  tclsh (1) - Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter
  tcsh (1) - shell with file name completion and command line editing
  tee (1) - pipe fitting
  Teleffect 1.0 by Electric Arc -(1) - mouse and keyboard sharing service
  telldesktop (1X) - shell front end to invoke file manager functions
  tellwm (1X) - shell front end to invoke window manager functions
  telnet (1C) - user interface to the TELNET protocol
  telnet-probe (1) - lightweight telnet-like port probe
  telnetd (1M) - internet TELNET protocol server
  test (1) - condition evaluation command
  testiconfig (1) - test an Impressario printer software installation
  testipr (1) - test an Impressario printer
  text2ps (1) - convert text files to PostScript
  textcolors (1G) - set the colors used by a xwsh window
  texteroids (1) - test your mousing skills on spinning text
  textomatic (1) - interactive program for creating 3d text
  textps (1) - Text to PostScript translator
  tftp (1C) - trivial file transfer program
  tftpd (1M) - internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
  tgcmd (1M) - Tigon3 gigabit ethernet diagnostic tool
  tgconfig (1M) - configure Tigon3 gigabit ethernet interfaces
  thrash (1) - Explores paging behavior
  tic (1M) - terminfo compiler
  time (1) - time a command
  timed (1M) - time server daemon
  timedc (1M) - timed control program
  timeserver (1M) - time server daemon for Macintoshes running K- Time
  timeslave (1M) - 'slave' local clock to a better one
  timex (1) - time a command; report process data and system activity
  tlink (1) - clone a file tree using symbolic links
  to_dos, to_unix (1) - convert text files between MSDOS and UNIX
  to_imap (1) - copy mail folders to Netscape Messenger IMAP location
  tochunky (1) - Convert an SGI image to CHUNKY printer data format
  toggleSystemTunes (1M) - set speaker volume during startup
  togglexhost (1) - toggle X server access control
  toolchest (1X) - utility menu program
  top (1) - display and update information about the top cpu processes
  topio (1) - display and update information about the top I/O processes
  topology (1) - machine topology information
  topsys (1) - display information about the top users of IRIX system services
  touch (1) - update access and modification times of a file
  tput (1) - initialize a terminal or query terminfo database
  tr (1) - translate characters
  traceroute (1M) - print the route IPv4 and IPv6 packets take to a network host
  trcore (1M) - truncate a crash vmcore dump of the operating system
  true, false (1) - provide truth values
  tsarchive (1M) - renames log file
  tsdaemon (1M) - starts tape support
  tserrpt (1M) - prints selected records
  tset (1) - terminal dependent initialization
  tsort (1) - topological sort
  tsset (1M) - sets option values in personality daemon
  tsstop (1M) - stops tape support
  tt_type_comp (1) - The ToolTalk otype and ptype compiler
  ttauth (1) - ToolTalk authority file utility
  ttcopy (1) - copy files in a ToolTalk-safe way.
  ttcp (1) - test TCP and UDP performance
  ttmv (1) - move or rename files in a ToolTalk-safe way.
  ttrm, ttrmdir (1) - remove files or directories in a ToolTalk-safe way.
  ttrm, ttrmdir (1) - remove files or directories in a ToolTalk-safe way.
  ttsession (1) - The ToolTalk message server
  tttar (1) - (de)archive files and ToolTalk objects
  tttrace (1) - trace ToolTalk calls and messages
  tty (1) - get the name of the terminal
  twm (1) - Tab Window Manager for the X Window System
  type (1) - write a description of command type
  type1xfonts (1) - build X style font directory for Type1 fonts
  typeCache (1) - fill desktop type cache for a directory


  uadmin (1M) - administrative control
  uconv (1) - convert FORTRAN unformatted file
  udf_db (1M) - Display the metadata structures of a UDF filesystem
  uil (1X) - The user interface language compiler
  uil (1X) - The user interface language compiler
  ul (1) - underline
  ulimit (1) - set or report file size limit
  umask (1) - set file-creation mode mask
  umerge (1) - ucode inliner
  umountfs (1M) - unmount a filesystem.
  unalias (1) - remove alias definitions
  uname (1) - identify the current IRIX system
  uncompvm (1M) - expand a compressed IRIX vmcore dump of the operating system
  unconfigks (1M) - unconfiguration program for K-Spool
  unexpand (1) - convert spaces to tabs
  unget (1) - undo a previous get of an SCCS file
  unifdef (1) - strip or reduce ifdefs in C code
  uniq (1) - report repeated lines in a file
  units (1) - conversion program
  unmonitorRemovableMedia (1M) - disable mediad monitoring of a device
  unschedBackup (1M) - unschedule a backup
  unset_vacation (1) - turn off vacation for Netscape Messenger
  unsharefs (1M) - remove a filesystem from the accessable list.
  unsharePrinters (1M) - stop sharing local printers with remote hosts.
  unshareRemovableMedia (1M) - stop sharing a removable media device
  uopt (1) - MIPS ucode global optimizer
  updateclogin (1M) - update the graphical login configuration file
  updbootparam (1M) - NIS bootparams database update program
  uptime (1) - show how long system has been up
  userenv (1) - print user's login environment
  UserManager (1M) - User Accounts Manager
  uucheck (1M) - check the uucp directories and permissions file
  uucico (1M) - file transport program for the uucp system
  uucleanup (1M) - uucp spool directory clean-up
  uucp, uulog, uuname (1C) - UNIX-to-UNIX system copy
  uucpd (1M) - UUCP over TCP/IP daemon
  uuencode, uudecode (1C) - encode/decode a binary file for transmission via mail
  uugetty (1M) - set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline
  uusched, pollhost, uudemon.hour, uudemon.poll (1M) - the scheduler for the uucp file transport program
  uustat (1C) - uucp status inquiry and job control
  uuto, uupick (1C) - public UNIX-to-UNIX system file copy
  Uutry (1M) - try to contact remote system with debugging on
  uux (1C) - UNIX-to-UNIX system command execution
  uuxqt (1M) - execute remote command requests
  uwm (1) - a window manager for X


  vacation (1) - E-mail auto-responder
  val (1) - validate SCCS file
  vc (1) - version control
  verify (1) - Utility to verify certificates.
  verifyDisk (1M) - verifies disk surface and partitions as an option disk
  version (1) - print OpenSSL version information
  versions (1M) - software versions tool
  vfc (1G) - compiler for video formats
  vi, view, vedit (1) - screen-oriented (visual) display editors based on ex
  videoin (1) - Video Library video-in-a-window tool
  videoout (1) - Video Library video output from screen tool
  videopanel, vcp (1) - Video Library control panel tool
  vidtogfx (1) - Sirius Video source to Graphics drain tool.
  vidtomem (1) - Video Library capture single frame tool
  vidtotex (1) - Sirius Video source to Texture drain tool.
  vidtovid (1) - Sirius Video source to Video drain tool.
  viewlog (1M) - view the system administration log
  viewres (1) - graphical class browser for Xt
  vintovout (1) - Video Library video output from video input tool
  VirtualBindings (1) - Bindings for virtual mouse and key events
  vlcmd (1) - Video Library command line interface
  vlinfo (1) - Video Library path, node and control info tool
  vmsprep (1) - VMS tape preparation aid
  vout (1V) - composite video output control panel
  vstiff (1) - TIFF stream viewer


  w (1) - who is on and what they are doing
  wait (1) - await completion of process
  wait4wm (1) - waits for the window manager
  wakeupat (1M) - request that system power back on at a future time
  wall (1) - write to all users
  wc (1) - word, line and byte or character count
  wchrtbl (1M) - generate character classification and conversion tables for ASCII and supplementary code sets
  webdist (1) - Web Software Distribution Tool
  webjumper (1) - tool to make URL icons (jumpsites) for the World Wide Web
  websetup (1) - WebFORCE product support tools
  what (1) - identify SCCS files
  whatis (1) - describe what a command is
  whereis (1) - locate source, binary, and or manual for program
  which (1) - locate a program file including aliases and path (csh only)
  who (1) - display who is on the system
  whoami (1) - display the effective current username
  whodo (1M) - who is doing what
  windows (1) - customization panel for setting various 4Dwm resources
  winterm (1) - provides a uniform interface for launching applications which need a window shell (terminal emulator)
  WISHX (1) - Tcl language interpreter with Tk
  wonderland (1) - explore the wonders of Display PostScript rendering
  WorkShop (1) - Provides an introduction to the WorkShop suite of debugging, code coverage, and performance tools
  write (1) - write to another user
  wsh (1G) - compatibility front end for xwsh


  X (1) - a portable, network-transparent window system
  X.Org, XProjectTeam (1) - X.Org Group information
  x11perf (1) - X11 server performance test program
  x11perfcomp (1) - X11 server performance comparison program
  x509 (1) - Certificate display and signing utility
  xactl (1m) - extended accounting control
  xargs (1) - construct argument list(s) and execute command
  xauth (1) - X authority file utility
  xbiff (1) - mailbox flag for X
  xbstat (1M) - monitor Crossbow (Xbow) traffic
  xcalc (1) - scientific calculator for X
  xcalendar (1) - calendar with a notebook for X11
  xclipboard (1) - X clipboard client
  xclock (1) - analog / digital clock for X
  xcmsdb (1) - Device Color Characterization utility for X Color Management System
  xcmstest (1) - XCMS test program
  xconfirm (1) - general purpose dialog box
  xconsole (1) - monitor system console messages with X
  xcutsel (1) - interchange between cut buffer and selection
  xdiff (1) - X11/Motif based file comparator and merge tool.
  xditview (1) - display ditroff output
  xdm (1) - X Display Manager with support for XDMCP, host chooser
  xdpr (1) - dump an X window directly to a printer
  xdpyinfo (1) - display information utility for X
  xedit (1) - simple text editor for X
  xepsf (1) - display an Encapsulated PostScript file
  xev (1) - print contents of X events
  xeyes (1) - a follow the mouse X demo
  xfd (1) - display all the characters in an X font
  xfig (1) - Facility for Interactive Generation of figures under X11
  xfindproxy (1) - locate proxy services
  xfontsel (1) - point & click interface for selecting X11 font names
  xfs (1) - X font server
  xfs_bmap (1M) - print block mapping for an XFS file
  xfs_check, xfs_check64 (1M) - check XFS filesystem consistency
  xfs_chver (1M) - change the version of a filesystem to enable the extent unwritten version.
  xfs_copy (1M) - copy the contents of an XFS filesystem
  xfs_db, xfs_db64 (1M) - debug an XFS filesystem
  xfs_estimate (1M) - estimate the space that an XFS filesystem will take
  xfs_freeze (1M) - suspend access to an XFS filesystem
  xfs_growfs (1M) - expand an XFS filesystem
  xfs_logprint (1M) - print the log of an XFS filesystem
  xfs_ncheck, xfs_ncheck64 (1M) - generate pathnames from i-numbers for XFS
  xfs_repair (1M) - repair an XFS filesystem
  xfsdump (1M) - XFS filesystem incremental dump utility
  xfsinvutil (1M) - xfsdump inventory database checking and pruning utility
  xfsrestore (1M) - XFS filesystem incremental restore utility
  xfwp (1) - X firewall proxy
  xgas (1) - animated simulation of an ideal gas
  xgc (1) - X graphics demo
  xhost (1) - server access control program for X
  xinit (1) - X Window System initializer
  xkbcomp (1) - compile XKB keyboard description
  xkbevd (1) - XKB event daemon
  xkbprint (1) - print an XKB keyboard description
  xkill (1) - kill a client by its X resource
  xkspool (1) - command-line printer queue creation/removal
  xktalk (1) - Xinet GUI for The X Window System
  xlbiff (1) - mailbox message previewer for X
  xlistscrns (1) - prints available screens for an X server
  xload (1) - system load average display for X
  xlock (1) - Locks the local X display until a password is entered.
  xlogo (1) - X Window System logo
  xlsatoms (1) - list interned atoms defined on server
  xlsclients (1) - list client applications running on a display
  xlsfonts (1) - server font list displayer for X
  xlswins (1) - server window list displayer for X
  xlv_admin (1M) - modifies XLV logical volume objects and their disk labels
  xlv_assemble (1M) - initialize logical volume objects from disk labels
  xlv_make (1M) - create logical volume objects
  xlv_mgr (1M) - administers XLV logical volume objects and their disk labels
  xlv_set_primary (1M) - set the primary plex of a logical volume
  xlv_shutdown (1M) - shut down XLV volumes
  xlvCreateLV (1M) - creates a new xlv logical volume
  xlvDelete (1M) - deletes an xlv object
  xlvExtend (1M) - extend an xlv volume
  xlvShow (1M) - shows information about xlv configuration and objects
  xmag (1) - magnify parts of the screen
  xman (1) - Manual page display program for the X Window System
  xmbind (1X) - Configures virtual key bindings
  xmessage (1) - display a message or query in a window (X-based /bin/echo)
  xmh (1) - send and read mail with an X interface to MH
  xmkmf (1) - create a Makefile from an Imakefile
  xmodmap (1) - utility for modifying keymaps (and pointer buttons) in X
  xmon (1) - interactive X protocol monitor
  xon (1) - start an X program on a remote machine
  xpostit (1) - X window system Post-it notes
  xpr (1) - print an X window dump
  xprop (1) - property displayer for X
  xrdb (1) - X server resource database utility
  xrefresh (1) - refresh all or part of an X screen
  xscope (1) - X Window System Protocol Monitor
  Xsecurity (1) - X display access control
  Xserver (1) - X Window System display server
  xset (1) - user preference utility for X
  xsetmon, xscreen (1) - set video output format, sync sources and gamma correction values
  xsetroot (1) - root window parameter setting utility for X
  Xsgi (1) - X Window System server for Silicon Graphics workstations.
  xshowcmap (1) - show colormap
  xsltproc (1) - command line xslt processor
  xsm (1) - X Session Manager
  XStandards (1) - X Consortium Standards and X Project Team Specifications
  xstdcmap (1) - X standard colormap utility
  xstr (1) - extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings
  xsubpp (1) - compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code
  xterm (1) - terminal emulator for X
  xvm (1M) - xvm command line interface
  xvmgr (1) - XVM Manager GUI
  xwd (1) - dump an image of an X window
  xwd2stiff (1) - convert an X Window Dump (XWD) image file to Stream TIFF (STIFF)
  xwininfo (1) - window information utility for X
  xwnmo (1) - Input Manager of the X Window System Version 11
  xwsh (1G) - creates and specifies a window shell
  xwud (1) - image displayer for X


  yacc (1) - yet another compiler-compiler
  yp_bootparam (1M) - update the NIS bootparams database
  yp_host (1M) - update NIS "hosts" database
  ypcat (1) - print values in NIS databases
  ypchpass (1) - change selected NIS passwd fields
  ypinit (1M) - build and install NIS database
  ypmake (1M) - rebuild and distribute NIS databases
  ypmatch (1) - print key values in NIS map
  yppasswd (1) - change NIS login password
  yppoll (1M) - show the version of the NIS map on the NIS server
  yppush (1M) - force propagation of a changed NIS map
  ypset (1M) - point ypbind at a particular NIS server
  ypupdated (1M) - server for changing NIS information
  ypwhich (1) - print the NIS server or map master hostname
  ypxfr (1M) - transfer an NIS map from some NIS server to here


  zdump (1M) - time zone dumper
  zic (1M) - time zone information compiler
  zoomstiff (1) - magnify or shrink a TIFF stream